Resources to learn PowerShell for Office 365


I’ve been a big fan of PowerShell for Office 365 for a while now, and with new features coming out in Office 365 that are only configurable by PowerShell, it’s more important than ever to be able to at least master the basics, but you absolutely need to know PowerShell for Office 365 in order to have full control of your tenant.

Resources to learn PowerShell for Office 365

Jeffrey Snover, creator of PowerShell and Technical Fellow at Microsoft explains it in a more direct way

When someone answered that their clients do not listen, he was pretty direct with his reply.. you need to learn PowerShell to stay relevant , and even more important to learn it as an Office 365 admin.

So, here are some resources, depending on what type of learner you are!


Books are really ways to learn a topic from start to master, and even if they cost some dollars, they’re always a good investment!

Learn PowerShell for Office 365

Essential PowerShell for Office 365: Managing and Automating Skills for Improved Productivity
Take your Office 365 skills to the next level. Master PowerShell for Office 365 to stay competitive in today’s world of highly sought after cloud management skills. With expert guidance, IT pros will learn how to leverage the muscle of PowerShell to automate many advanced administrative tasks not otherwise accessible in the Office 365 Admin Center. You will discover how to unlock configuration options and automate tasks in order to free up valuable time and resources.

Get it on Amazon at the following links:

Video Training

NOTE: Pluralsight is a paid resource unlike Channel9, Youtube, and Microsoft Virtual Academy which are free. The quality they provide is also superior because of all the quality checks they go through, and the instructors are one of the best in the industry. The Pluralsight courses have a link to where you can get a free trial and decide for yourself if paying a subscription or not is worth it, but the 10 day free trial should allow you to view all those courses for free.

Learn PowerShell for Office 365

PowerShell for Office 365
In this course, you will learn how to use PowerShell to manage Office 365 services. You will learn how to connect and manage users and licensing, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Compliance Center and last but not least, Skype for Business Online.

Learn PowerShell for Office 365

PowerShell Playbook for Office 365
A more advanced look at multiple real-life scenarios that span across all Office 365 Services and show you how your PowerShell for Office 365 skills can be applied in your day to day life

PowerShell for common Office 365 Operations
In this 300 level session, you will learn how to automate the management of Office 365 using Windows PowerShell. We will discuss how to connect Windows PowerShell to Office 365, tour the Office 365 cmdlets, and demonstrate how to manage domains, users, and services including Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online.

Support Corner: Using PowerShell to Manage Office 365 Users
Join us in this fast-paced demo to learn how to manage Office 365 users using PowerShell. Experts show you how to create and delete users, update user IDs and passwords, assign licenses and groups, and much more.

Blogs / Links

This a list of blogs, or Microsoft Docs ressources on PowerShell for Office 365! All those are free! This list is currently in construction, and will be better organized in the future!


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