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Originally, Microsoft only gave the sessions videos and slides to attendees of SharePoint Conference 2012, and people who didn’t attend had to pay 199$ to get access to them. After Olaf Hubel from Microsoft recently announced on LinkedIn they will be posting SharePoint Conference 2012 Sessions, I am happy to tell you that a lot of the sessions are now there! You can’t find SPC12 in the Events directory, however with a direct link you can access all the videos!

SharePoint Conference 2012 Sessions

I have copied here the whole huge list including the descriptions, but you will probably prefer to just go watch them on the Channel9 directly so you can filter them by speaker, topic, etc. . If you do, here is the link to do so: However, before you do, please share the knowledge with your followers on twitter by clicking the big image right under here:


SharePoint Conference 2012 Sessions

SharePoint Server 2013: What’s new for IT Professionals

In today’s volatile economic climate, organizations require communication solutions to be both cost-effective and flexible. SharePoint Server 2013 can help you achieve new levels of reliability and performance, delivering features and capabilities that simplify administration, protect communications and information, and empower users while meeting their demands for greater business mobility. In this session you will learn more about what’s new for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2013 and how its features and capabilities can help simply administration, protect communications and information, and empower users. 

SharePoint Online and Office 365 Security, Trust & Privacy

Microsoft is an industry leader when it comes to privacy, security and compliance practices. By focusing on the defined principles, Microsoft ensures every Office 365 customer who has entrusted Microsoft to host their data can rest assured Microsoft upholds high standards to protect and secure customer data. This session will give an in-depth view of the principles governing the data, privacy and security processes, tools and frameworks in Office 365 — a deeper dive behind the public statements Microsoft posts on the Office 365 Trust Center: 

SharePoint Center of Excellence: Why you need one

SharePoint is a feature rich enterprise ready platform that has the potential to revolutionize your business. Experience shows that without the right team in place to support the adoption, exploitation and promotion of new ways of working you may struggle achieve your expected return on investment! Setting up an empowered team, with a passion for SharePoint and a clear understanding of the organizations vision and goals you can guarantee your SharePoint deployment exceeds expectations, changes the way your business works and delivers your expected return on investment. This session provides a detailed look at how to create your SharePoint Center of Excellence, its terms of reference, roles and responsibilities. The role of the team in the practical application of governance, exploitation of the out of the box features, identification of common patterns of use, communication, training and growing a community of SharePoint champions throughout your organization. Understand why the investment in a SharePoint Center of Excellence will ensure you get value from SharePoint today and into the future. 

SharePoint 2013 Workflow: Architecture and Configuration

SharePoint 2013 had a goal to enable workflow to do more with less, to have a rich set of workflow functionality which works the same way on-prem and in O365, and to improve overall robustness of the SharePoint workflow. As such SharePoint 2013 has introduced a new workflow platform based on a new workflow hosting product from Microsoft – Workflow Manager. One of the two objectives of this session is to demonstrate architecture of the new workflow platform. The other goal is to discuss various configuration and topology options supported by the workflow platform and how to leverage them to achieve optimum reliability and efficiency. 

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Development for Apps and Solutions for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2012

SharePoint 2013 has introduced a new workflow platform. The new workflow platform can be leveraged by the new apps for SharePoint as well as classic SharePoint solutions. In this session, we will demonstrate the development experience and lifecycle management of the new workflows in context of a SharePoint App and a SharePoint solution. We will walk through real-world scenarios where some key new workflow features can add value. We will demonstrate how to use those key features. The features include, but are not limited to calling web services from workflow, using custom UI, and influencing behavior of in-flight workflows by sending custom messages to the workflows. 

SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Overview

Developing a solid foundation for your users is critical to the success of your SharePoint Server 2013 deployment – in this session we’ll share the major changes in how upgrade works in SharePoint Server 2013 and how to best take advantage of new capabilities to enable and deliver a smooth upgrade experience to your users. 

SharePoint 2013 Identity and Authentication Smackdown

Classic Mode deprecated !?! OAuth?? If you haven’t heard the news, identity and authentication is new and improved in SharePoint 2013! In this session we will drill down into the new authentication features and changes made in SharePoint 2013. We will learn what has changed in web application authN, inter/intra farm authN, service applications and SharePoint Apps AuthN to get you up to speed quickly with SharePoint 2013. If you are familiar with SharePoint 2010 infrastructure and want to learn what is new in SharePoint 2013, this session is for you! 

Securing SharePoint Apps using S2S High Trust in On-Premise Farms

This session explains how SharePoint application security works within a private network environment when SharePoint apps are installed in sites within an on-premise SharePoint farm. You will learn how to use an SSL certificate to configure the S2S Security Token Service in a SharePoint 2013 farm. You will also learn how to develop and deploy developer-hosted SharePoint apps which use the S2S Security Token Service to create a trusted connection and to authenticate the application. The session also walks through code which creates and manages OAUth security tokens and uses the TokenHelper class that is automatically provided by Visual Studio 11 when you create a developer-hosted SharePoint app. 

Securing SharePoint Apps using OAuth in Office 365

This session explains how SharePoint application security works when a SharePoint app is installed in a tenancy within the Office 365 environment. You will learn how to register a new SharePoint application as well as what to do with the App Id and the App Secret. The session will explain how to develop and deploy developer-hosted SharePoint apps which use the Windows Azure ACS to create a trusted connection to Office 365 from your application server and to authenticate the SharePoint application. The session also walks through code which programs creates and manages OAuth security tokens and uses the TokenHelper class that is automatically provided by Visual Studio 11 when you create a developer-hosted SharePoint app. 

Search Content Enrichment and Extensibility in SharePoint 2013

Learn about the content ingestion and extensibility side of SharePoint 2013 Search. In this session we will go into depth on the new search content processing framework. We will also dive deep into the web services callout stage and demo how to do search content enrichment. 

Search Architecture in SharePoint 2013

Successful SharePoint deployments have one thing in common – great search! Do you want to know what’s powering the greatest search experience SharePoint has delivered to date? In this session we will take you under the hood and explain the architecture. We will take a close look at the feeding chain, the core search engine, query execution and the new analytics and recommendation engine. We will give you pointers to other sessions that will cover each of the components in more detail. You will leave the session with a better understanding of the architecture and some practical tips and tricks that will help you in your work with search. 

PowerShell 3.0 Administration with SharePoint 2013

In this session, we’ll explore the new features of PowerShell 3.0 and how those features can make the management and automation of SharePoint 2013 easier and more efficient. Attendees will learn how to use SharePoint to aid their deployment and upgrade processes. We’ll also cover some time saving tips for using PowerShell. Additionally, administrators will see how they can use PowerShell to manage our Office 365 SharePoint Online sites. 

SharePoint 2013 Performance and Capacity Management

SharePoint 2013 comes with many new features and changes that not only improve user experience but also performance and reliability of the system. In this session, you will learn about the key architectural changes in SharePoint 2013 as they relate to performance and reliability, performance improvements, and get guidance on capacity planning. You will also get some insight into how SharePoint team is thinking about performance and capacity management for our internal deployments. 

People Search and Extensibility in SharePoint 2013

Learn about People Search capabilities in SharePoint 2013, and how to leverage external content sources (LOB) to create custom experiences based on user profile properties. Finally, learn how to deliver a user context aware personalized search experience. 

How Yammer and SharePoint are Approaching Social

How Yammer and SharePoint are Approaching Social Hear Yammer’s vision for enterprise social an get a sneak peek of the product roadmap. Then learn about the social investments sharepoint is making to help companies become more collaborative and connected. 

An Overview of the Personalized SharePoint 2013 Social Experience

Following is the backbone of many of the new social features we’ve introduced this release. By letting you explicitly indicate what people, content, and topics are important, we’re able to achieve our goal of giving you a totally personalized social experience. A key component of that is giving you the ability to share who you are and what you’ve been doing across SharePoint, Office, and Lync. While we love the openness that these social features bring, we’ve also given you the ability to customize your privacy settings and decide what information you share with others. In this session we’ll run through real-world demos to show you the benefit of using the SharePoint 2013 social features. 

Overview of the New SharePoint Online

The New SharePoint Online (SPO) is now more services ready than ever. Come learn and discuss the massive SPO updates soon to hit Office 365. This session is a chalk-talk style session, lots of Q&A, structured and unstructured, and YOU are in control. We’ll focus on features, scenarios, workloads, and audiences, with guidance on all the SPO richness and clarity on when an on-premises use of SharePoint still may make sense. 

Overview of Social CRM: Using Microsoft Social technologies for real business benefit

One of the most frequently asked questions by organizations is how best to use the social media opportunity to improve their sales, service and marketing capabilities. Everybody seems to be jumping onboard the social media bandwagon- how and why? Come learn how to use Microsoft social technologies including Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Yammer and others to better engage customers and to improve internal collaboration. 

Overview of SkyDrive Pro

SkyDrive Pro is the new place to store, sync, and share files: it’s the file service that your users crave and that your org can endorse. This session provides a comprehensive survey of all SkyDrive Pro has to offer: easy save and share, lightweight version control, desktop sync, Office client integration, and more. 

Overview of Sharing in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online

SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online include a revamped experience for sharing documents, folders and sites. Users can even share with people outside the company using Guest Links (anonymous) and External Access (authenticated) invitations. And there are key controls for IT administrators to comply with their company’s business preferences, with granular controls unique to individual business units. We will share and show the new experiences for sharing, permissions, access requests, external invitations, and how IT can flexibly manage the experience end to end. 

Overview of SharePoint Mobile and the New SharePoint apps

SharePoint doesn’t stop when one hops on a plane, or hunkers down in a coffee shop. In this session we’ll cover all the new SharePoint mobile investments including the new mobile apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and iOS (including iPad). You’ll learn how SharePoint makes it easy for users to remain in the social fabric of ongoing discussions, keeping up with the people and documents they follow. 

Overview of Search Driven Web Sites and Cross Site Publishing in Depth

In this session we will cover the new search driven publishing model that allows companies to create dynamic search driven web sites with SharePoint 2013. This will include details on separating content management workflows from presentation and user experience. We will show with examples features such as; catalog configuration and use, cross-site publishing, content re-use, managed navigation, item detail and category pages. 

Overview of Project Portfolio Management Using Project Online & Project Server 2013

Project Online and Project Server 2013 enable teams and organizations to get started with Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), right from managing day-to-day work, to prioritizing portfolio investments for maximizing business value. This session provides an overview and demonstrations of both the online and on-premise capabilities of Microsoft’s *latest* Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. 

Overview of Organizing team tasks with SharePoint 2013

Learn how SharePoint 2013 helps teams work better together with integrated task management features. See how tasks help teams plan, organize, and stay in sync. Also learn how tasks help individuals see the broader picture and focus on the most important work at the time. 

Overview of Office 365

The new Office and the updated Office 365 service bring exciting new capabilities that will delight your end users, give IT admins new ways to deploy and manage their services, and enable developers to provide a whole host of rich solutions and applications. This session will provide an overview of the online service and focus on the new Office client, Exchange Online, and Lync Online as well as how we think about Office 365 across devices. This session will cover a wide range of topics, and be demo heavy. You will walk away with clarity of the full Office 365 suite experience. 

Overview of Enterprise Social

Microsoft has made significant investments in Enterprise Social in SharePoint 2013 and with the acquisition of Yammer. In this session we will cover our vision and high-level roadmap for this transformative technology, in addition to highlighting the significant opportunity for business value. Finally, we’ll cover the specific social enhancements made to SharePoint in the 2013 release. 

Overview of eDiscovery across the Office platform

eDiscovery is a major area of investment in the new version of Office. With the new release, we’ve built the ability into the platform (across Exchange, SharePoint and Lync) to perform the discovery process in-place, on-premises or in the cloud. In this session, come learn about the centralized eDiscovery tools we have delivered to unify the identification, preservation and export process for content to make it extremely easy for legal teams to do their work without affecting end user productivity. Also learn about the substantial cost savings through the reduction of third party tools and reduction of storage needs by holding content across Exchange, SharePoint and Lync in-place. 

Overview of ECM for teams with Site Mailboxes

Learn about the new Site Mailbox feature that spans Exchange and SharePoint in the new release and how it brings together project related content into one place, making it even easier for teams to collaborate on projects and work towards shared objectives. In this session you will learn what problems team spaces (with Site Mailboxes) solve, and see how they fit into the larger picture of both Exchange and SharePoint. 

Overview of Capacity Planning, Sizing and High Availability for Search in SharePoint 2013

In this session we will dive into planning for the new search architecture in SharePoint 2013. Capacity planning and sizing will major topics, we’ll go into details on the deployment models that the product group has been testing. We’ll also be going over the best practices for planning high availability and disaster recovery, including backup and restore. We have some cool demos to show how major operational tasks can be scripted out for streamlined deployment and operations. 

Overview of Microsoft Business Intelligence

Learn about Microsoft Business Intelligence from the Microsoft BI Leadership Team executives. This session will cover the roadmap and strategy of the platform as well as present beautiful demos of the new Office and SharePoint 2013 with SQL Server 2012 SP1in action. 

Overview of application development on Yammer

In this session, learn more about developing apps on Yammer using open APIs and see what’s ahead on the roadmap. You’ll also see demos of apps built on the Yammer platform and learn how and why leading companies are choosing to integrate with Yammer. 

Configuring your SharePoint farm for Business Intelligence

SharePoint farms come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are dependent on multiple supporting technologies, including SQL Server, Active Directory, Reporting Services, and Analysis Services. Unfortunately, not all versions of the supporting technologies support the new Business intelligence features of SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013. This session will walk through multiple configuration scenarios designed to make the most of the BI investments in SharePoint and Office 2013. We will use demonstrations to outline what services are necessary to use the new data model and PowerView in Excel, when and where both PowerPivot and PowerPivot for SharePoint are needed, and what you need to do in your farm to take advantage of these features. In addition, we will explore some of the assets available to PerformancePoint Services, and what configurations can help bring out the best in its features. Finally, we will explore some best practices around configuring Reporting Services for SharePoint. 

Office Web Apps Server and SharePoint 2013

Office Web Apps Server and SharePoint 2013 – Office Web Apps are now hosted in a standalone server product. This allows multiple SharePoint farms to share a single Office Web Apps Server farm as well as allowing integration with other Microsoft products such as Exchange and Lync. This session will explore how the Office Web Apps architecture has changed, how to set up an Office Web Apps Server farm, and how to integrate that farm with SharePoint 2013. 

HP: Performance of SharePoint 2010 and SQL 2012 with HP Gen8 — In the lab and in the Real World

In this session HP will share the latest performance testing results with SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server 2012 on HP’s latest Gen8 Servers, while also comparing some of the new features in Gen8 versus the prior generation of servers, all in the context of a SharePoint environment. This will include a brief look at the architectural choices customers face when deploying SharePoint 2010, including Physical vs Virtual Deployment scenarios. The session will then transition to looking at some typical customer scenarios HP TS Consulting has encountered, reviewing the adjustments that were required with those customer environments prior to deploying SharePoint 2010. 

Mobile Business Intelligence with SharePoint

Mobile business intelligence is a hot and growing market trend with the consumerization of IT. Learn how to leverage Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies with a variety of mobile devices. This demo-heavy session will cover what can be done today with PerformancePoint, Reporting Services, Excel Services and SharePoint 2010. We will also dive into the exciting mobile device improvements in Office365, Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013. 

Migration Strategies for Search in SharePoint 2013

Learn the tricks for migrating an installation from SharePoint Search 2010 or FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 to the new search solution in SharePoint 2013. This session will cover migrating Best Bets, Visual Best Bets, Synonyms, Search Schema, and more. We will also cover the search first migration approach. See live demos of the full migration process! Also, come watch a demo of a test framework that you can utilize on any SharePoint 2013 Search project. 

Grow Your Business With The Office And SharePoint Store

Learn how to grow your business by selling apps in the Office and SharePoint Store. In this session we will demonstrate the type of apps you can build, how they integrate with SharePoint as well as scenarios covering the ease of acquiring an app and the business opportunity of reaching new markets through the Office and SharePoint Store. 

Gimmal: Certified Records Management in the Cloud

Organizations are attempting to balance the efficiencies and cost saving of a cloud based content management strategy with the perceived risk of migrating records to the cloud. Come and learn a practical and pragmatic strategy that balances efficiency and risk. Attendees will understand how to architect a solution that leverages the flexibility and agility of a cloud based collaboration and messaging environment while leveraging a DOD5015.2 certified records management environment for their corporate assets and vital electronic and physical records. 

JavaScript best practices for developing apps

SharePoint 2013 introduces a new app model, which is heavily-reliant on client-side programming with JavaScript. While SharePoint developers often have strong server-side programming skills, their client-side programming skills are generally weaker. In this session, we will review the best practices for using JavaScript in SharePoint 2013 apps. We will start by presenting the various patterns for creating libraries in JavaScript that are reusable and maintainable. We will then cover the fundamentals of the REST and CSOM object models. Finally, we will show how to utilize key supporting libraries like jQuery and Knockout. The session will culminate with the presentation of a complete Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) app demonstrating all of the best practices. Attendees will exit the session ready to start developing SharePoint 2013 apps. 

Introduction to Windows Azure

Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. In this Session with Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow for Windows Azure, learn what Windows Azure provides, how you can take advantage of the new offerings (including Virtual Machines/IaaS, Web Services, and Media), and how to get started today. Mark will walk you through a tour of Windows Azure showcasing demos and case studies. 

Introduction to the Cloud App Model for Office and SharePoint 2013, Part 2

In part 2 of this 2 part series, we will take a deeper dive into apps for Office and SharePoint. This session will focus on authentication scenarios, user experience guidance and general best practices in developing apps for Office and SharePoint. This session will take the apps from Part 1, and enhance them so that they demonstrate the best practices and guidance outlined in this session. 

Introduction to the Cloud App Model for Office and SharePoint 2013, Part 1

In part 1 of this 2 part series, you will learn about the techniques used to build apps for Office and SharePoint. We will discuss the architecture and anatomy for apps for Office and SharePoint, the various types of apps, development techniques and hosting options that are available. Throughout this session we will demonstrate various apps for Office and SharePoint, while looking under the hood on how they work. 

Introducing Project Online, a New Office 365 Service

Project Online is the *new* Office 365 service that enables teams and organizations to manage their day-to-day work, plan mission critical projects and prioritize portfolio investments to maximize business value. This session provides an overview of Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365 and how to get started. We will be spending a significant amount of time demonstrating Project Online don’t miss it! 

I Want to be a SharePoint Developer, But Don’t Know Where to Get Started

SharePoint is a large and powerful platform and understanding where to get started can be challenging. In this session, we’ll assume that you’re an aspiring SharePoint developer and will walk you through the fundamental building blocks for how to move from zero to hero. Specific topics in this session will include core programming skills, investing in the right areas to optimize your learning curve, free resources and tools to help you get started, tips and tricks to get you on your way, and more. If you’re looking to get started, but need some help in your journey then make sure you check out this session! 

BA Insight: Creating a Unified View of Business Critical Information with SharePoint and Search

The volume and diversity of information is exploding, and most organizations struggle to provide a unified view of their information to their employees, partners, and customers. SharePoint makes it possible to unify Information across SharePoint, O365, and LOB systems – empowering people with dynamic and comprehensive views of strategic enterprise data. This unified view is accomplished with the search technology built into SharePoint, and is the basis of a new generation of Search-Based Applications._x000D_ _x000D_ In this session, we give you practical approaches to creating a unified view, and for surfacing this content in search-based applications. This is a demo-led session, highlighting SharePoint 2013 but also showing how to bridge transparently across SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010. 

Hybrid and Search in the Cloud

Are your customers interested in trying out Office365, but still keeping most of their collab assets and data on-premise? Are they asking you to provide a single way to find content regardless of where it lives? This session will arm you with the information necessary to help your customers plan Hybrid deployments – connecting SharePoint 2013 on-premise with Office365 – and enabling a comprehensive Search experience that spans the two. You’ll learn about Search in SharePoint 2013 capabilities in O365, as well as new out-of-box hybrid capabilities that make this scenario much easier to enable than with SP2010. 

Designing Your SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Deployment

SharePoint Server 2013 was built for the cloud, designed to support the world’s largest SharePoint infrastructure: SharePoint Online. This session will use architecture and topology decisions derived from SharePoint Online to provide best practices, guidance, and recommendations for deploying SharePoint Server 2013 on-premises. 

Becoming a next-gen organization with SharePoint and Yammer

Most companies today realize the imperative to connect with their customers, employees, and partners through social technologies like SharePoint and Yammer. For corporations to successfully transform into social business enterprises they must learn how to leverage these technologies to create a more adaptable organization. Mark will present some clear strategies and real-life stories from visionaries and change makers which highlight how the very best in the world are doing it. 

How SharePoint 2013 and Dynamics for Retail Play Together to Deliver Unique Business Value

This session will describe how customers and partners can leverage the power of SharePoint 2013 and Dynamics for Retail to drive Omni-Channel Sales and Marketing. The session will provide details on how the new integrated Storefront solution provides the foundation for implementing an ecommerce business. Learn how the integrated SharePoint 2013 and Dynamics for Retail solution enables Omni-channel Sales and Marketing by managing the online, mobile, search and social Commerce and physical store channels as well as the back office operations around retail merchandizing and pricing, catalog management, order fulfillment, supply chain management and financials. 

Getting the Most out of SharePoint Online for Small Businesses and Professionals

Learn best practices for using the collaboration and website features in the new SharePoint Online for Small Businesses and Professionals to work with external clients, partners, customers, and other 3rd parties. Learn how to set up a beautifully designed and branded public facing web site. Interact with customers using a public facing blog. Share team sites and documents to anyone with an email address. Easily manage projects work items and deadlines using our new team site tasks and timeline views. 

Get Started with Social Adoption using SharePoint 2013’s Cross Farm Services

This session will discuss how one customer planned their first steps for SharePoint 2013 social adoption using Cross Farm Services, Audience Targeting, and Enterprise Search. Start taking your enterprise social by standing up your social infrastructure side by side with your current SharePoint Environments. The session will demo two environments (2010 and 2013) going from isolation to integration resulting in an understanding of how you can create your own rich coexistence story in the enterprise. 

Deployment Wizard: SharePoint 2013 Installation Tips, Tricks and Scripts

Get SharePoint 2013 up and running correctly and quickly. SharePoint MVP Dan Holme shares tricks and tools for deploying SharePoint servers and farms on premises. Learn how to deploy physical and virtual environments, taking advantage of the full suite of Microsoft deployment tools. Ensure that your implementation is locked-down with least-privilege service and administration accounts. And examine the dependencies on other platforms including Identity Services, DNS, and SQL Server. Take away a checklist of considerations, and scripts to help automate your deployment. 

Delivering Winning Projects in SharePoint With Microsoft Project

The new Project gives you powerful new capabilities to enhance your project collaboration experience with SharePoint. This session provides an overview of Project Professional 2013, demonstrating key scenarios and features that enable you to effectively plan, track, and share your plans so everybody is on the same page and the project is delivered on time and budget. A significant amount of time will be spent demoing the great new capabilities of the new Project used in conjunction with SharePoint. 

Customer Showcase: How Jones Lang LaSalle Leveraged SharePoint 2013 to Power its Next Generation Public Site

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) has been using SharePoint as a global, multi-language, self-service web content management platform since 2008. Since that time, the company has seen explosive growth in mobile device usage on the site – with a 193% increase in the past year alone. Due to this shift in the way content was being consumed, JLL worked to develop and execute on strategies to provide a first-class experience for these devices. Additionally, the business began looking for ways to provide a richer, more focused experience for its customers; particularly by investing in search and content targeting techniques. Longer-term ambitions included finding a way to evolve its web presence from just digital marketing to more of a transactional system. This session will discuss how the new WCM capabilities built into SharePoint 2013 were leveraged to address these important challenges. Technologies to be discussed will include: device channels, content-by-search, audience targeting, variations, machine translation, term-based navigation, SEO improvements, and the product catalog. The solution developed offers a look at a “real world” implementation that combines traditional CMS approaches with new, “dynamic” options make available by SharePoint 2013. The design placed a particular amount of focus on providing a good experience for JLL’s globally-dispersed content owners and worked to facilitate seamless integration with other standalone web solutions that had been developed independently from SharePoint. 

Charting Your SharePoint 2013 Journey: How to leverage your existing SharePoint investment

This session, designed for business executives, project managers, and architects, helps you better understand how to leverage your existing investment in SharePoint to get the most out of SharePoint 2013. Learn how to leverage your current knowledge, training, and content organization to maximize your SharePoint 2013 benefit. Assess your SharePoint maturity level to determine where to invest next. Learn how to use the key features of SharePoint 2013, such as the new intuitive experience and social features, to improve your portal and collaboration experience. This is the first session you should attend, as it will provide a roadmap for your successful SharePoint 2013 journey. 

Building end-to-end apps for SharePoint with Windows Azure and Windows 8

With the deep SharePoint 2013 API set, coupled with the new app models for SharePoint and Office, the opportunity to build innovative end-to-end solutions that span cloud services and devices is just plain breathtaking. SharePoint data is available via REST and SharePoint can fire events to light up your backend services — like sending notifications via the Windows Push Notification Service to SharePoint workflows. And all your cloud-based services can be powered by the reliability, scalability and elasticity of Windows Azure, from Web Sites to SQL Database. In this session an end-to-end demo is the backdrop for the discussion around the architecture and code needed to build just such a solution. 

Attractive Business Intelligence: Dashboards, Pivots, Scorecards, KPIs, and Reports Using Office, SharePoint and SQL Server

This session will take you on a rapid-pace tour of the entire Microsoft BI Platform, comprising Microsoft Office 2013, SharePoint Server 2013, and SQL Server 2012 SP1, empowering organizations with better decision making. After a brief look at the strategies and issues facing today’s analytical landscape, we will present solutions for various analytical business needs. You will see: self-service analytics, dashboards, scorecards, KPIs, pivots, data exploration and discovery, collaborative report galleries, cloud data mashups, and even advanced analytics with data mining. 

Keynote: The New Way to Work Together

Keynotes from SharePoint Conference 2012 

Deliver SharePoint Apps On Non-Microsoft platforms — Lessons Learned from the Trenches

The new SharePoint 2013 app model provides a huge opportunity for creating new solutions and targeting a vast audience through the Office Marketplace, so how can you take advantage of this opportunity while leveraging the existing skills of your developers in your organization? Given the popularity of PHP as a development platform and Apache for hosting web applications, how can you create solutions that leverage these technologies to extend SharePoint 2013? We will take an in-depth look at how to build apps while leveraging the existing developer skills of your organization. Come to this session to learn about some of the opportunities and challenges for targeting non-Microsoft platforms while leveraging the SharePoint 2013 app model. This session will discuss how you can address different architectural approaches for integration, security through OAuth, and will discuss how to package apps. 

KPMG AG and SharePoint: A project and partner view. Challenges, Solutions and Lessons Learned

In this presentation you will learn how SharePoint 2013 — together with Lync 2013, Exchange 2013, Office 2013 and Windows 8 — can be the basis of a powerful business application platform for enterprise-wide Information Management solutions such as document and records management, social collaboration, communication and project management and replace other proprietary and expensive systems, thus saving costs and enhancing productivity and social interaction._x000D_ However, for KPMG AG SharePoint is not only an excellent solution to solve its own Information Management challenges. It is also the backbone of its Microsoft Advisory Service, because it offers tremendous consulting opportunity. As an example we will present a methodology KPMG AG Germany developed together with OSN and Microsoft Services for implementing SharePoint successfully in large enterprises not only as highly sophisticated technical infrastructure but also ensuring business benefits, governance, compliance and application lifecycle management and great user adoption. 

Request Management in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 introduces a powerful new capability called Request Management, which allows SharePoint to understand more about, and control the handling of incoming requests within the farm and across farms. Learn how Request Management enables request throttling and routing to ensure server health, request prioritization, and the implementation of server machine pools for large deployments. Understand the key components of the Request Manager and RM Routing, RM Pools and Execution Groups. This session will also demonstrate how to configure Request Management for a number of key deployment scenarios. 

Yammer’s Secret Sauce

Ever wonder why Yammer changes so frequently? Curious how real user data and rapid releases drive adoption? Want to know how actual users, rather than our assumptions, shape the future of Yammer? Yammer’s CTO Adam Pisoni reveals how methodologies used by successful consumer software companies have inspired a new kind of enterprise product that is approved by businesses and loved by users. 

What’s New in Spreadsheet Management for Office and SharePoint

Learn about new spreadsheet management features and applications added to Microsoft Office through the acquisition of Prodiance.  These new features help reduce risk and facilitate management of spreadsheets used to make critical business decisions.  These features include Audit and Control Management Server (auditing of changes), Discovery and Risk Assessment (identify business critical spreadsheets), Spreadsheet Compare, and Spreadsheet Inquire (diagnostic add-in to Excel). 

GeoFlow for Excel 2013 – a new way of exploring geospatial data and sharing insights

GeoFlow for Excel is a 3D visualization tool for mapping, exploring, and interacting with geographical and temporal data which enables people to discover and share new insights. With this tool you can easily visualize how geospatial patterns, such as clusters, trends, or outliers change over time. Once these insights have been identified, they can be quickly packaged into an interactive guided tour for sharing with the rest of your organization. GeoFlow is a new addin for Excel 2013 that will support creating multidimensional geo-spatial BI reports. 

What’s New with Video in SharePoint

Take a tour of the new features and capabilities around video in SharePoint 2013, including the new Video user experience, HTML5 support, managing multiple renditions, and specialized video search application. 

What’s New in Designing Workflows and Managing Work Requests With Project Online & Project Server 2013

Project Online and Project Server 2013 delivers significant enhancements around business process management, workflow authoring using SharePoint Designer and Visio, and managing work requests and ideation using SharePoint lists. This session will provide an overview and demonstrations of these key innovations. 

AvePoint: Living in a Hybrid World: Compliance and Governance Meet Cloud

Cloud computing today is enterprise software’s version of the buffet: With so many options, where should you begin? Should you go for the whole smorgasbord at once, or pick and choose the menu items that are best for you through offerings such as Office 365? With the ability to use Azure to host SharePoint for infrastructure-as-a-service, organizations have more options than ever at their fingertips. Each option has its advantages — as well as risks. No matter where your SharePoint environment and content resides — governance and compliance concerns such as privacy and information security must be addressed. In this presentation, we’ll provide a blueprint for successfully navigating which deployment option is best suited to house your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure based on governance and compliance considerations — whether “all in”, hybrid, or on premises, including:_x000D_ _x000D_ •Review of the Business Case: Why does the cloud make sense?_x000D_ •Governance Considerations: When does the cloud make sense?_x000D_ •Information Management Considerations: Which content is cloud appropriate?_x000D_ •Change Management: How can we alter today’s plans to realize tomorrow’s opportunities?_x000D_ •Real World Implementations: How large, financial institutions have implemented compliance and governance across their enterprise 

Using jQuery and Display Templates to create modern Web Sites

In this session we’ll deep dive on how to use modern web tools like jQuery and CSS3 to build dynamic, search-driven web sites. We’ll show you how to create custom Display Templates that provide modern and interactive experiences to your online users. 

User Profile Synchronization Best Practices in SharePoint Server 2013

Discover the changes and new capabilities in the foundational service for Social deployments of SharePoint Server 2013 and get the real deal on configuring User Profile Synchronization in this demo and best practices heavy session. This session will cover the architecture of the User Profile Service Application, the new AD Direct Mode and provide a walkthrough of the configuration requirements and setup.  Understand the key architectural considerations in terms of high availability, scalability and geographic deployments. Also covered will be general UPA related best practices in terms of synchronization, policy and privacy and leveraging social features inside the enterprise This session will be split 60/40 between demonstrations and lecture._x000D_   

Unlocking the Secrets of User Adoption Success

One of biggest challenges with the introduction of new technologies — especially collaboration technologies — is getting people to use them. Are you wondering how best practice organizations are engaging users to ensure successful adoption of SharePoint? Thinking about what you can do to make sure that your solution gets adopted? Are you curious about which features of SharePoint 2013 can help your user adoption plan? This presentation is designed to showcase proven examples and strategies to unlock the secrets of user adoption success. The topics will cover why it is important to invest in user adoption planning, practical and creative examples of user adoption strategies that work, critical elements for your user adoption plan, and 12 secrets to help ensure that if you build it, they WILL come! 

Understanding 2013 tools and best practices for creating enterprise forms in SharePoint 2013

This session will prepare you to take advantage of the new App model in SharePoint 2013 for your enterprise forms. SharePoint 2013 provides new options with Apps for SharePoint and Office to easily create, deploy and use forms via the App Catalog in the SharePoint Store. Learn how to build an App for SharePoint using HTML, Javascript and REST to build forms apps that leverage custom code. In addition, learn how to build Apps for SharePoint using Access 2013 as a no-code approach for subject matter experts to build applications to run their business. Also learn how to continue leveraging InfoPath in SharePoint 2013 and see what is new for InfoPath developers with Visual Studio 2012 integration. Automating processes throughout your enterprise has never been easier. Be a hero and stop your users from exclaiming What the Form?!. 

The value of an Enterprise Content Management platform for the business

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has become a key business priority for most organizations. The amount of business information created and shared is increasing in size and speed every day, compliance requirements are becoming more stringent, and key business tasks require accurate and fast access to records, documents, and other information. Historically, ECM has been approached from the department level. CIOs end up with multiple content silos across multiple ECM platforms from different vendors, resulting in an environment that is difficult to manage and expensive to maintain. In this session we’ll cover the value of standardizing on an ECM platform at the enterprise-wide level for the business and what an approach to get there could look like. 

Succeeding With SharePoint In Seven Steps

When implementing SharePoint within your enterprise often the non-technical challenges influence whether it’s a success or a failure. While it is easy to understand the technical challenges of SharePoint implementations, these non-technical or ‘business’ challenges can often be harder to understand (or even identify). _x000D_ _x000D_ Join Richard Harbridge for this fast paced session that dives into real world examples on how organizations are dealing with these SharePoint business challenges. Project managers, business analysts and leaders that attend will be armed with critical knowledge necessary to avoid the dangerous mistakes that lead to SharePoint failure. _x000D_ _x000D_ Examples of key challenges discussed in this session:_x000D_ • How do we achieve a shared understanding of SharePoint’s value? _x000D_ • When is SharePoint the right technology? _x000D_ • How do we Govern and support SharePoint effectively? _x000D_ • What about ROI, user adoption, and staffing for SharePoint? 

Surfacing LOB Data in SharePoint 2013 using BCS and Search

Organizational data can live in many different locations. Often time, business users need to be able to find this data using SharePoint Search. In this session, you will learn how to create External Content Types to access the LOB data and to use the Business Connectivity Service to expose line of business data to SharePoint 2013 and to use SharePoint search to surface the data to the Information Worker. 

Step by Step: Search Development in SharePoint 2013

Come on a tour of the common development tasks needed to take advantage of the full power of SharePoint 2013 Search.  Ingest content from external sources via the BCS.   Enhance content prior to indexing via Content Enrichment.  Pinpoint relevancy with contextual targeting with Query Rules.  Leverage the Search Client Object Model to power search driven applications.  Make the most of the new Keyword Query Language improvements.  Customize the UX and make your search results shine! 

Breaking down the SharePoint 2013 Newsfeed

You’ve gotten your SharePoint 2013 Social features up-and-running, but want to understand how everything works under the covers? Join us in this session and learn about our architecture, storage model, and what it takes for activities across SharePoint to appear in the Newsfeed. We’ll look at a variety of example posts that you may see, and talk about how we generate, store, trim, and ultimately create the rich social experience of SharePoint 2013. 

How to Extend Social in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 introduces many new social capabilities, but the social experience doesn’t stop there.  A host of extensibility points are available that will allow a developer to make any application social.  In this session we’ll cover SharePoint’s social architecture, and how you use these key points of extensibility in your application. 

How to Develop Social Applications for SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 adds new social features and capabilities that can help your organization build community and increase communication. This session will demonstrate how to create applications that integrate with the SharePoint’s social features and user profiles. Demonstrations will show how to use the Social and User Profile REST API in sample applications and how to integrate external applications into the SharePoint 2013 newsfeed. 

Step-by-Step : Building Adaptive Companion Apps for Devices using SharePoint 2013

With so many devices and channels, where do you start? Come learn how you can take advantage of the new device manager and adaptive content platform in SharePoint2013 to create compelling and effective device experiences. Reuse content, navigation, media asset renditions, and personalization while taking full advantage of device capabilities. 

Using Windows Azure Storage with SharePoint for Document Management

Many SharePoint applications need to store files, content and data in storage along with the relational data you would store in a database. As part of Microsoft’s Public Cloud offering, Windows Azure Storage provides a highly resilient and scalable storage service along with other capabilities like content delivery/distribution and content upload capabilities. In this session we will cover what the capabilities are, when and how you should use these capabilities with SharePoint and what tools and techniques you should use to manage your content. 

SharePoint Web Templates for on-premise and the Cloud

Web Templates, first introduced in  SharePoint 2010, provide a compelling deployment model for your custom SharePoint solutions both to an on-premise deployment and to Office 365. Learn about the key capabilities offered by Web templates and follow various samples which will demonstrate different deployment scenarios, along with best practices and common pitfalls of developing Web Templates. 

Best Practices for Configuring SharePoint Online and Office 365 Identities

When you securely sign-in to SharePoint Online in Office 365, you expect it to be a good, persistent user experience. But things get tricky when users start to sign in from various browser, clients, mobile devices, OSes, etc.. This session will focus on sharing key best practices and proper setup to enable the best sign-in experience across all scenarios. It is one of the true success factors for broad adoption and usage of your SharePoint Online sites. 

SharePoint Data Security and Compliance

Whether you are an architect, developer or IT professional you will have worked on projects where security is the number one priority. In this session, we will look at the methods that can be used to secure not only access to the site via authentication, but also look at securing content from people who should not be seeing it. The current version of SharePoint bought is closer by introducing claims based authentication, with the next version on the horizon we will also look at what enhancements in the core platform have been made to ensure your content is safe. We will focus on out-of-the-box capabilities as well as products from the core Microsoft stack that enhance and extend the core capabilities. 

SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Deep Dive

This session will go deep into in how upgrade works in SharePoint 2013. Learn about the various systems involved in the upgrade process including deferred site collection upgrades, upgrade evaluation sites, upgrade throttling, snapshot upgrades, and more. This will also go into techniques for planning and testing upgrades along with supporting both legacy and new customizations throughout the upgrade process. 

SharePoint 2013 Backup and Recovery with DPM 2012

This session will teach you everything you need to know about protecting SharePoint 2013 with Data Protection Manager 2012. Learn how DPM 2012 compliments the out of the box backup and recovery tools to provide simple, fast, and automated recovery of SharePoint data. 

SharePoint 2013 Fun with SharePoint Social, CSOM and Windows 8

SharePoint 2013 introduces great new social capabilities and expands our remote data access and integration capabilities with new features in the client side object model (CSOM), new services and remote data access methods. In this session we take a look at the new improvements and have a some fun building a social Windows 8 application using the new SharePoint capabilities and WinRT. 

Self-Service Business Intelligence Governance

Self-Service BI Governance encompasses people, processes, and information technology.  In this session we will cover best practices for planning, implementing and leveraging Microsoft’s full-featured, managed Self-Service business intelligence platform and tools to unleash the exponential power of Self-Service BI while also maintaining control and oversight. 

Dell: Future-proof your SharePoint solutions — A case study and upgrade demo

Discover how to unlock the full potential of your SharePoint investment by rapidly creating code-free solutions that are upgradeable to SharePoint 2013 and can be easily supported going forward. In this session, Quest Software (now a part of Dell) and one of its customers, Golder Associates, will discuss how you can solve real-world business problems today with code-free customization. You’ll also learn best practices for upgrading your SharePoint 2010 solutions to SharePoint 2013. _x000D_ _x000D_ Witness how Golder’s “citizen developers” were able to create high-quality dashboards that combines, filters and displays SharePoint data, as well as back-end SQL Server data, in compelling and meaningful ways. The Quest team and Golder will then show a live demo displaying how quick and easy it is to upgrade a code-free, web part-based solution from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. 

Running Reporting Services in SharePoint Integrated Mode: How and Why

Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services are both great products in their own right, but put them together and things are even better! During this session we discuss why you would want to run Reporting Services in SharePoint integrated mode and we also configure a server and multiple sites. Don’t expect a lot of slides — we spend most of our time working through the integration process, creating and securing sites, and deploying reports. 

Reducing organizational risk through effective Information-Management

A poor Information-Management strategy can be catastrophic to an organization. Though its importance is unquestionable, addressing this risk can feel like swimming upstream (with an 800 pound gorilla on your back). In this session attendees will learn how applying key concepts within SharePoint, such as policy automation, a quality metadata strategy and Search, can not only mitigate risks inherent in their company’s core business processes but generate opportunities as well. The session will distill the broad and general concepts of “Risk” and “Information Management” into clear, specific, actionable elements and will cover strategies to overcome common, real-world challenges. Attendees will walk away with a framework that will enable them to drive the conversation within their organization, make informed decisions, and apply the best policies and strategy to ensure success. 

Digitech Systems: Business Document Management with SharePoint

Want a simple way to help your SharePoint users maximize their capability? _x000D_ Join SharePoint guru Raimund Wasner, creator of the SharePoint Business ProfessionalTM certification, to learn how to setup SharePoint to manage documents of any kind in virtually any quantity. He’ll teach you how to configure SharePoint for business document management and how to use scanning software with integrated SharePoint features to allow you to manage ALL business documents in a consistent manner. You will learn how to get all your critical business records into SharePoint, and how to configure SharePoint’s content model to classify, index, secure and tag all documents, including paper files. Become the SharePoint hero for your organization. It’s easier than you think! 

Planning for the Lifecycle of your SharePoint 2013 Website

From sketch to launch, this session will cover a tried and true process your project team can follow to ensure a successful internet-facing website project using SharePoint 2013. We’ll talk about each step in the process and will take an objective look at common pitfalls and identify functionality in SharePoint 2013 to speed your internet sites project to success. 

Access Databases: Taming the Beast


Overview of Website Architecture in SharePoint 2013

This session will cover the fundamental building blocks and topology implications for the new SharePoint 2013 websites. We will cover metadata driven managed navigation, content by search web part, content catalogs and cross site publishing, as well as content deployment. 

Overview of the Top 10 Ways that SharePoint Will Help Drive End User Adoption

Come to this session to see live demonstrations of the top 10 ways that SharePoint will help drive end user adoption and make end users want to use SharePoint. From new social computing capabilities to a new user experience we’ll review the top ways that SharePoint will change the way people collaborate, find and share information and keep them coming back to SharePoint. We will also discuss the related critical success factors for customers to consider in their adoption, communication, migration and deployment plans. 

Overview of SharePoint Licensing

In this session we’ll share the SharePoint 2013 SKUs line-up, high-level feature tiering and talk about how you can license SharePoint for Intranet, Extranet and Internet Sites scenarios. We will also discuss the transition plan for SharePoint for Internet Sites (FIS) and FAST Search SKUs. 

Using TypeScript to build apps for Office and SharePoint

TypeScript is a language for application-scale JavaScript development. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. This session will show you how you can build apps for Office and SharePoint with TypeScript. 

Overview of Business Intelligence and Reporting using Project Online & Project Server 2013

Learn how Project Online and Project Server 2013 leverages SharePoint’s new business intelligence capabilities to provide easy, yet powerful, reporting options for the enterprise. See how Project Server data can be surfaced in real-time reports and dashboards using tools such as Excel 2013, Excel Services, PowerPivot and OData! 

Building Vibrant Communities in SharePoint 2013

Bringing people together to discuss common topics and find answers is easier than ever with SharePoint 2013’s Communities features. In this session we’ll cover the new community offering, when to use a community, how to customize and manage a community, and how it communities integrates with the rest of the Office social story. 

Featured Apps for Project & Project Online

This session is focused on added value of Apps for the New Project; it’s targeted at both SharePoint Customers and Partners. Customers will see featured Apps that are currently available in the Office/SharePoint Store to help them be more effective and successfully manage their projects and portfolios._x000D_ _x000D_ Partners will learn about the experiences and best practices building them from other partners and Microsoft. 

Optimizing SharePoint 2013 for WAN Environments

Learn how three customers optimized SharePoint 2013 for their WAN environments. This session covers supported architectures and best practices for the new version of SharePoint products, including test results from early adopters. Learn how to make the most of a centralized SharePoint environment with caching, WAN accelerators, optimized Web pages, Office Web Apps, and client tools for working offline. Or understand best practices for deploying distributed farms and managing profiles. 

Deep Dive to Plan and Prepare for Your Users to Interact with SharePoint from their Mobile Devices

SharePoint 2013 offers rich native apps and mobile browsing experiences for several popular mobile platforms. Each platform has its own level of support for different authentication schemas. In this session, we’ll cover which mobile apps and browsers will support different types of secure authentication and what type of login experience to expect. We’ll also cover how to structure your on-premises or SharePoint Online hybrid configuration to allow your employees to take advantage of the SharePoint mobile apps, so they can be productive on the go while still ensuring the security of your business information. 

Office 365 Deployment and Migration

Upgrading or migrating a customer’s existing environment to a new SharePoint environment can be a complex task. A successful approach must address both the technical aspects and the sometime more elusive, organizational aspect and culture. Join us in this session where we describe a prescriptive approach that empowers you to better plan the move to Office 365. 

MSIT Early Learning: Migrating your On-Premise Content to the Cloud

Has your enterprise decided to make the commitment to Office 365 for your SharePoint hosting needs? Are you wondering how you are going to get your content from your on-premises farm to your new SharePoint Online tenancy? If so, come listen to how Microsoft IT SharePoint migrated their on-premises SharePoint farms to the cloud. Starting with the commitment to move the enterprise to the cloud, Microsoft IT will showcase their experience identifying which content to move, the preparations, setting user expectations, execution, and validation. 

Achieving Organizational Buy-in to Transform Your Enterprise

Collaboration, as we know it, is focused on encouraging interaction between individuals and teams within an organization to make it successful. Projects tasked with applying this cultural shift into an integrated technical solution, however, usually start with a much narrower focus. Sponsored by executives, managers, IT, front-line staff or a combination of several stakeholders, these projects rarely have simultaneous buy-in from all. This session explores the adoption strategies for each type of stakeholder not originally vested in the projects, presents shortcuts for identifying value, and provides a roadmap for integrating features in SharePoint to enhance your long-term strategy. 

Moving from Social theory to application by leveraging the Social adoption maturity model to help business users

The Social Computing session will provide attendees with a framework for identifying and envisioning social computing adoption within organizations.  The goal of the session is to identify the stages of social computing maturity and adoption within organizations and how to apply Microsoft’s stack of social computing capabilities and features through salient demonstrations.  Today, organizations face a variety of pressures that push the adoption of social computing in various forms that challenges business and technical decision makers with selecting a strategy to create appropriate social experiences within the enterprise given a wide array of technologies and implementation types.  This session will distill the phases that organizations go through in adopting social computing and demonstrate possible adoption scenarios for each phase.  Business and technical decision makers will be able to gain an understanding of their position in the social computing adoption maturity model and which scenarios and technologies they can potentially adopt to meet the social computing needs for their businesses. 

Migrating your WCM Internet Sites to SharePoint 2013

In this session we will discuss upgrade and migration strategies for taking an existing SharePoint 2010 WCM internet site and moving it to SharePoint 2013 – while taking advantage of the new features and capabilities for building web sites. We will demonstrate the common steps needed for migrating a site from 2010 to 2013 and provide a hands on demos for different site migration options. 

Migrating to SharePoint Online in Office 365 – Strategy and Best Practices

What makes for a clean, predictable, efficient migration to SharePoint Online in Office 365? Come to this session to learn about content and customization considerations when planning your migration. We’ll cover suggestions on how to triage content, consider archival, and rationalize leave-behind decisions based on learnings from numerous successful migrations into Office 365. 

Migrating Legacy On-Premise Solutions to SharePoint Online and Windows Azure

As many organizations move away from on-premise SharePoint deployments in favor of externally hosted solutions, developers will increasingly be called upon to make legacy applications compatible with cloud-based services. In this session we will explore the various options available for creating SharePoint applications in the cloud, discuss the pros and cons of each approach, delve into the technical aspects of cloud development, and provide real-world guidance for creating an on-premise-to-cloud migration strategy. 

Mastering App for Office development

Apps for Office open up a new doors for customizing the Office client. This session will go into a deep dive of developing apps for Office and provide the best practices for developing these apps 

Optimize Search Relevance in SharePoint 2013

Search in SharePoint 2013 provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage search relevance. Not only does it combine and improve upon the best tools available in Fast Search for SharePoint 2010 and Search Server 14, but it also introduces the notion of query rules, that allow administrators to control relevance for a single query or sets of queries using a straightforward user interface. In this talk, we will explain how ranking works under the hood, and give hands on demonstrations of how to use query rules, result sources, XRANK, federation to external search providers and the rank tuning tool to improve your relevance. We’ll explain which of the tools are most appropriate for various situations. We’ll also explain about the Relevance Lifecycle: the iterative process of finding problem queries and fixing them that is essential to optimizing your relevance. 

Customer Showcase: How Malik Management is using Visio for High-End Business Process Consulting Services

Visio is a well-known tool for Business process documentation. However as an engine it can also be used to create high-end Business strategy solutions. Malik Management, Based in St. Gallen, Switzerland is one of the highest renowned consultancy companies worldwide consulting and assisting numerous Fortune 500 and governmental institutions. Learn how Malik management is leveraging Visio to create a high-end consulting tool for modeling corporate business structure. 

Making Great Search Based Applications with Query Rules in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 makes it easy to build powerful specialized search experiences that respond intelligently to what the user is trying to do. See just how easy it is as we build one live using SharePoint Search’s new features, such as Result Sources and Query Rules 

Making Fast Sites Faster with Performance-related Features in SharePoint 2013

You’ve carefully avoided the pitfalls that make websites slow; now it’s time to go to the next level and leverage the performance enhancements SharePoint 2013 has to offer. In this session we will go into detail about features such as Smooth Transitions (commonly known as “MDS”) and Script on Demand, as well as the new content delivery network in use on SharePoint Online. We will then discuss the coding patterns required to make best use of these features. 

Lighting up SharePoint 2013 Extranets with Business Intelligence

Extranets such as Vendor and Customer Portals can provide tremendous value to the enterprise. This session will focus on enhancing extranet and public SharePoint sites with business intelligence insights. We will discuss the capabilities and approaches for delivering BI externally, strategies and pitfalls for integrating ERP data into the Extranet and security considerations for content and user management 

Deep dive on Server to Server OAuth Identity Platform and how it enables cross-products and hybrid scenarios in SharePoint 2013

Have you heard of Server to Server OAuth identity platform and how it enables new hybrid and server-to-server scenarios in SharePoint 2013? If you haven’t yet or you have heard only an overview and want to deep dive into it, this session is for you. Come and deep dive into how we engineered the authentication and identity platform in SharePoint 2013 with the platform patterns, primarily server-to-server and OAuth. Learn how this platform enables number of cross-product (i.e. SharePoint to Exchange/Lync) and hybrid (i.e. SharePoint Online to SharePoint on-premise or vice versa) scenarios in SharePoint 2013 and how you can also achieve similar scenarios using this platform. This session will provide you with unique and never heard security and identity information pertain to SharePoint 2013 that will help you to win customers and develop next generation applications using S2S OAuth to talk to SharePoint 2013. 

NewsGator: Living and Breathing the Social Workplace

Thriving social workplaces are living systems — organisms that are capable of response to stimuli, growth, and development. In these social workplaces, participation is the stimuli, interactions aid growth, and the resulting developments are increased employee productivity and satisfaction. NewsGator’s new CEO will share how the only trusted, full-featured, enterprise-scale social solution —used by over 4 million humans to produce hundreds of thousands of social interactions and countless smiles — is driving client results and changing the way we work. 

Fujitsu: Defining the future landscape for SAP and Microsoft integration using Duet Enterprise

Are you interested in integrating your SAP ERP environment with Microsoft SharePoint? This session provides attendees with comprehensive visibility into the current and future states of Duet Enterprise.  You will begin with an educational overview of SAP to Microsoft integration before examining real-world solutions to support materials management, sales reporting, HR transactional data, procurement and sales force automation through Microsoft Outlook integration.  Next, attendees will obtain unique insight into the expansive future capabilities of Duet Enterprise 2.0 and uncover the exciting potential for cloud-based SAP ERP integration solutions available in the new SharePoint. 

Developing for Windows Azure Web Sites and SharePoint Online

Windows Azure Web Sites is a simple and powerful hosting platform that allows developers to easily build and rapidly deploy web applications on Windows Azure using their favorite languages, frameworks, and tools. SharePoint Online brings the collaboration and productivity benefits of SharePoint to the Cloud. In this talk we start out demonstrating development and deployment of web applications using Azure Web Sites. We will then show how to integrate web applications running on Azure Web Sites with content and functionality from SharePoint Online. We will also walk through different development and deployment models for building Azure Web Sites web applications that seamlessly integrate with SharePoint Online. 

Industrial-Strength Results Meet Spreadsheet Agility: The Dramatic Reality of PowerPivot

Words like “transformative” and “disruptive” are used all the time to describe new technologies, but in reality, very few live up to the hype. In this session, you will learn that PowerPivot is the rare exception: a product that actually exceeds the lofty expectations set by its marketing. BI projects that typically would demand 6- or 7-figure budgets and 9-12 month timeframes can literally be accomplished in a matter of weeks with the resources you already have today. Simultaneously (and paradoxically), the capabilities of knowledge workers’ favorite reporting and analysis tool are actually dramatically expanded rather than “reigned in”. Rob Collie (CTO of MS Partner Pivotstream) will demonstrate that reality via real-world case studies. He will also explain WHY PowerPivot is able to deliver these kinds of results, and provide organizational best practices for maximizing your ROI, both on the desktop and on SharePoint. Rob will also provide live demonstrations of finished PowerPivot applications, the capabilities of PowerPivot in Excel 2013, and new features of SharePoint 2013 including the modern visualization techniques enabled by Power View. 

Multi-language Websites with SharePoint 2013

Learn about SharePoint 2013’s new and improved capabilities for multi-language websites. This includes improvements to the variations system and translation integration. The session will also cover content reuse in multi-language environments as well as extensibility opportunities. 

Implementing Federated (Cross-Farm) Services in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 has a number of services that support cross-farm or federated architectures. In this session, we will introduce you to these services, discuss when to implement them, and share with you best practices on configuring them in your environment. 

CommVault: SharePoint Centric E-Discovery, Search, Archiving & Tiered Storage with Azure

The session will cover and demonstrate optimization strategies for SharePoint and Microsoft products data management. Archiving to reduce expensive on-premise disk costs, content search for granularity, tiered storage techniques with Azure and basic data protection techniques will be discussed. Over 50% of the session will feature live demonstrations, including “Release Independence” of SharePoint items showing individual archived SharePoint 2003/2007/2010 items being recalled, based on search to the new SharePoint. 

How We Do It: Operating SharePoint Online

Solid uptime, redundancy and reliability critical to your business? This session delves into how Microsoft operates SharePoint Online within Office 365 in production to ensure high availability and performance with foolproof disaster recovery. We will cover Microsoft’s approach to rapid incident management, pervasive monitoring and our telemetry system – a key aspect to insightful usage patterns that influence future enhancements and end user optimizations. 

How We Do It: Building and Managing SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is SharePoint at massive scale across multiple datacenters worldwide. This session will uncover numerous aspects of the service including the overall topology, upgrade management, grid manager, provisioning, etc… You’ll learn about choices Microsoft made to optimize a highly performant, reliable, scalable multi-tenant SharePoint infrastructure. 

Windows Azure Media Services and Building Rich Media Solutions for SharePoint

Windows Azure Media Services form an extensible cloud-based media platform that enables developers to build solutions for creating and delivering rich media content, including HD broadcast quality media transcoding and packaging services, video-on-demand and live streaming services. Media Services are built on the infrastructure of Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Public Cloud platform. In this Session, we will provide a foundation for Developers on how to take advantage of Windows Azure Media Services. We’ll discuss how you can easily integrate Media Services with tools and processes you already use. 

How to write a cloud-hosted app for SharePoint with Ruby on Rails

This session will demonstrate on how you can build a cloud-hosted app for SharePoint with Ruby on Rails. This session will cover how to connect to data sources and use the SharePoint REST end-points within a Ruby on Rails app. 

How to Manage and Troubleshoot Search : A Practical Guide

SharePoint 2013 introduces a lot of improvements when it comes to managing all aspects of a search deployment. In this session we will cover the most common methods for troubleshooting issues related to databases, crawl errors and warnings, entity extraction and content processing, query processing and query rules. 

Building Modern Business Applications for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio LightSwitch

Visual Studio LightSwitch is the easiest way to create modern line of business applications for the enterprise. In this demo-heavy session, see how to build and deploy data-centric business applications that provide rich user experiences tailored for modern devices. We’ll cover how LightSwitch helps you focus your time on what makes your application unique, allowing you to easily implement common business application scenarios, such as integrating multiple data sources, data validation, authentication, and access control. You will also see how developers can use their knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript to build touch-centric business applications that run well on modern mobile devices. 

Building apps for Outlook and Outlook Web App

Mail Apps are a brand new way for developers to extend both Outlook and Outlook Web App clients with the same code. In this talk, we’ll cover how the Apps for Office platform work in Outlook and OWA, which APIs are available, how to handle authentication and most importantly… what’s possible! We’ll also work through a demo of building a sample Mail App. 

Customer Showcase: How Clifford Chance, one of the world’s largest law firms, has bet its ECM strategy on SharePoint

Clifford Chance engaged with Microsoft on the Office 2010 TAP and RDP Programs and took the bold decision to adopt SharePoint 2010 as the firm’s document management system and as a platform for delivering internal productivity and collaboration apps. We’ll share with you the warts and all journey of deploying SharePoint in a global organisation, handling tens of thousands of sites, tens of millions of documents and terabytes of content, not to mention making changes to core business processes. See the Document Management Accelerator (DMA) customisations built by MCS UK. Benefit from the lessons learned and how we are planning to avoid repeating them as we transition from SP2010 to becoming early adopters of SharePoint 2013. See how Clifford Chance is exploring new SP2013 features such as Site Mailboxes, how we plan to co-exist SP2010 and SP2013 and the best approaches to preparing for SharePoint 2013. 

High Availability Solutions with SharePoint Server 2013

With the ever-growing use of SharePoint in the enterprise as a business-critical application, the requirement for high availability has become increasingly more important. This session provides an overview of high availability solutions targeted at each tier of a SharePoint Server 2013 deployment provided through capabilities available out of the box to maximize your environment’s resiliency and availability. 

Grow your Business Online with SharePoint’s Adaptive Experiences

In this session we will look at the new SharePoint Web Sites model for creating compelling and attractive websites that can adapt the experiences to its users. We will cover the new capabilities in SharePoint 2013 that allow companies to create rich public facing websites and e-commerce shopping sites. The session will be rich in demos around personalization, query rules, e-commerce marketing tools and promotions. 

Governance Meets Architecture: Architecting SharePoint for Policy-Based Management and Workload Scalability

You’ve read the white papers, you’ve Binged governance. But how, exactly, do you design a SharePoint implementation that allows you to enforce your governance policies for IT assurance, information management, and information architecture? What is the relationship between governance, architecture and manageability? How can you ensure that your architecture will scale with the growing and changing needs of your business without becoming unmanageable? In this session, SharePoint MVP and governance thought leader Dan Holme explores the technical side of governance, and shares the secrets for creating a logical and physical SharePoint architecture that effectively supports the information and service management requirements of your governance plan. You will learn how to enforce your governance policies with the optimal model of SharePoint farms both on site and in the cloud, Web applications, site collections, and other components. You will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies and challenges of designing the logical and physical structure of SharePoint. You’ll learn what has changed in SharePoint 2013 and how those changes impact architectural decisions. And you will take away practical, blueprint-like guidance to what a governable SharePoint service architecture might look like in your enterprise. 

Governance for SharePoint 2013 Customizations

Every customer who has used SharePoint has faced the question of customization. The SharePoint platform has always provided a rich development platform. While SharePoint 2010 introduced the client side API and sandboxed solutions the majority of development was done using server side code that usually had to be deployed by a Farm Admin. SharePoint 2013 has introduced a host of new capabilities and shifted the focus of customization to the client side. While this new model reduces the concerns of an admin running server side code it introduces a host of new challenges to try to ensure a healthy, compliant platform. This session will examine how existing recommended practices for SharePoint 2010 governance are effected and recommend new approaches to address the new avenues of customization including the new application model both self hosted and cloud hosted, the new delegated BCS model, the new branding capabilities and Office Applications. 

Getting Your Apps into the Office and SharePoint Store

This session will cover how you can package and deploy your apps for the Office and SharePoint Stores. This session will walk you through the developer sign-up experience as well as uploading your first app to the store. 

Gathering Requirements: Asking the Right Questions for Building a SharePoint 2013 Environment

The key to building a successful SharePoint 2013 environment is to ensure you are starting with the right requirements. In this session, you will learn how requirements impact design. You will then learn what questions are important and more importantly, how to get the answers you need. 

The keys to a sustainable SharePoint strategy

Having an effective SharePoint strategy is essential to getting the full value out of your platform investment. But how do you create an effective strategy and where do you start? SharePoint is a constantly evolving platform so once you have a strategy, how do you ensure it will be successful over time? Join Richard Harbridge as he discusses the importance of effective SharePoint strategies and outlines real-world best practices in the industry. 

Moving Legacy Data/Systems to SharePoint/SQL Azure with Access 2013 (Lotus Notes/MDB/Excel etc…)

Legacy data can take many forms in organizations and moving it to a modern, IT supported environment can be a nightmare. In this sessions you will learn how to use Access 2013 to migrate data from a variety of places (Lotus Notes/MDB/Excel etc…) into SharePoint/SQL 2012/Azure and create no-code SharePoint apps that can be shared with your organization through the Marketplace or App Catalog. 

Fast Track Your Project Management Office (PMO) with Project Online

In today’s fast-paced, project-centric work environment, the ability to coordinate multiple projects with distributed teams, and making high-level strategic decisions based upon consolidated project progress, risk and resource usage information is critical. Microsoft Project Online is a cloud-based, enterprise-wide solution designed to fast track your project management office to meet these challenges. In this interactive session, you will learn practical steps on how you can easily build a project management office (PMO) based on Microsoft Project Online. 

Developing apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2012

If you plan to build apps for SharePoint then come join Mike and Sean for a most excellent adventure through the Visual Studio 2012 tools. Learn how to best use Visual Studio to build great apps for SharePoint, and being two of the guys that designed the tools, we may even show you a few undocument tips & tricks. In this demo heavy session we will explore the SharePoint development experience and see the first class support for common app features including client web parts, custom actions, remote event receivers, BCS models, and more. You will learn how to develop apps using remote development against an Office 365 Developer site as well as locally using high trust authentication. 

Enhancing Reach and Accessibility with New Mobility Features in SharePoint 2013

This session demonstrates how to take existing web sites built on SharePoint 2010 and enhance and upgrade them with the new mobility capabilities SharePoint 2013 offers. This session shows how the mobility enhancements in SharePoint 2013 make it easier than ever before to provide robust, mobile enabled views of SharePoint web sites to any mobile device. During the demos in this session, multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops will be used to show the web site rendering specifically for each device. This session will show how the out of the box mobile capabilities SharePoint 2013 provides enhance SharePoint 2010 web sites. The new optimized mobile browsing experience (contemporary view) will be demoed and the mobile browsing redirection feature will also be shown and discussed. Additionally, the Office Mobile Web Apps and push notifications demos will show how SharePoint users can stay completely up to date and collaborate in real time from their mobile devices. 

Effective Search Deployment and Operation in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 introduces a new and highly flexible search topology. This gives more flexibility on how to scale a system, and allows search to tackle demanding requirements for query and indexing performance. In this session we will take you through the deployment of a multi-node search installation, provide best practices for common operational procedures, and give you tips and tricks on how to keep your search system healthy. 

Ecommerce solutions with Dynamics for Retail and SharePoint 2013

In this session we will cover the brand new ecommerce and storefront solution built using SharePoint 2013 and Dynamics AX for Retail. This solution provides an ecommerce storefront platform that leverages SharePoint 2013’s search driven adaptive online experiences with Dynamics for Retail to power scenarios around merchandizing, catalog management, pricing and promotion, order management and financials for an ecommerce site. Learn how you can implement compelling, adaptive commerce sites that increase revenue, drive site engagement, conversions, and loyalty and build ecommerce ISV solutions on the Dynamics and SharePoint platforms. 

Document Management and Collaboration Best Practices with Microsoft SharePoint, Office and Dynamics CRM

Many organizations use SharePoint, Office and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their key customer relationships. Many customer sales, service and marketing processes require collaboration and document management across teams and departments. Microsoft has an incredible toolset to support your employees in the way they interact and collaborate both internally and with customers. This session provides a technical overview of how these technologies can work together to make your organization more efficient in document management and collaboration. We will walk through the integration is available out-of-the-box, what can be done through configuration and finally the possibilities using custom development. Knowledge of Dynamics CRM is not required. 

K2: K2 and SharePoint business applications — Fast

SEA CORP builds rocket launchers. They wanted to deliver more to their business. SanDisk is the world’s leading manufacturer of flash memory cards. They wanted their people to make better business decisions, faster and on any device. Easy vs Hard. Yes vs Maybe. Fast vs Slow. Hear these companies tell their stories, and see the newest software from K2 that makes it easy to build and run apps on SharePoint 2013. 

Customer Showcase: Transitioning Coca-Cola Enterprises to the new Office 365

Coming Soon! 

Developing Yammer solutions for Office and SharePoint

In this session, you’ll learn the fundamentals for using Yammer Embeds, Javascript, and REST APIs to create great social apps in SharePoint and Office. We’ll cover how to call Yammer RESTAPIs from .net code, leverage Yammer embeddable objects in Office apps, and work with OpenGraph to expose items from SharePoint in Yammer. 

Developing SharePoint Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio Pro 2013

This session will go over the workflow creation scenario within SharePoint Designer 2013. It will cover the new stage concept, key new actions (e.g. Call web service, task actions, start workflow, loops, ect), along with the new Visual Designer coupled with Visio Pro 2013. 

Developing Hybrid apps for SharePoint: apps that work on-premises and in the cloud

The new SharePoint app model enables custom code written on any server platform to integrate with SharePoint services and experiences, whether on-prem or in Office 365. In this session you’ll see how a single app can be written to work in on-prem, online, and hybrid SharePoint environments. 

Developing and Managing a BI Semantic Model in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Creating the right experience in Power View is dependent on creating the right BI Semantic model.  In this demo heavy session we cover everything from creating a basic model to one that will enable your users to fully realize the capabilities of Power View.  We will develop BI Semantic models in SQL Server 2012 that include multiple relationships, hierarchies, images, custom measures and KPIs. 

Developing Advanced BI Visualizations with Visio & SharePoint in Office 365 with Azure data integration

In this session you will learn how to utilize the data connectivity features of the Visio 2013 client to create a data connected dashboard powered by Visio Services, Business Connectivity Services, and SQL Azure all within SharePoint Online in Office 365. Key topics include: New data connectivity options for Visio and Visio Services; New rendering capabilities for Visio Services; Bonus: Using the Visio API to generate data connected diagrams published to Visio Services. 

Developer’s Guide to Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM & SharePoint 2013

Many companies that use SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are increasingly looking for ways to integrate these two technologies together. This session provides a technical overview of Dynamics CRM and walks through the out-of-box integration with SharePoint along with the integration possibilities using custom development. Also learn some of the developer patterns and practices you can use when building apps that integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint 2013. Knowledge of Dynamics CRM is recommended but not required. 

Designing and Building Your Yammer Community

Whether through organic growth or a well-planned social initiative, the way in which Yammer networks grow and develop can vary from one organization to another. This session offers best practices for successfully designing and building a Yammer network through case studies from leading companies. In particular, attendees will gain insight into their strategy and vision for Yammer, how they overcame initial hurdles and challenges, the importance of identifying and leveraging power users to build connections, and approaches for measuring business value. 

Deploying Social in the Enterprise

Are you looking at changing the way people connect and collaborate? If so, it’s likely that you are ready to transform the Social Enterprise landscape in your organization. In this session, we’ll lay the groundwork to get you started with MySite deployment, focusing on enabling Social in your Enterprise. We will cover a number of topics around MySite dependency on Social features, infrastructure level changes when instantiating the user’s MySite and the various user profile permission levels relevant to MySite. 

Deploying SharePoint Farms on Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Microsoft is making significant investments in Windows Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). One of the primary scenarios is running SharePoint on Windows Azure virtual machines. In this session you will learn how to build development SharePoint instances and full SharePoint farms on the new persistent VM role. You will also learn how to fully automate the creation of the farms using PowerShell. In addition to how to build a SharePoint farm, this session will discuss how you can build SharePoint Farms that call on-premise services. 

Demo Extravaganza: Internet sites with SharePoint 2013

In this session we will show how SharePoint 2013 is serving live internet sites. We will go through how they work, what considerations that have been made and what value that has been provided when building the internet sites using SharePoint 2013. Learn from real life examples how SharePoint 2013 is used to serve appealing internet sites and how you can learn from these examples how to use the different functionalities to serve your needs. 

Lead the Enterprise Social Revolution: 5 Steps to Drive Culture Change

A revolution is brewing in the enterprise today – mobile technologies, business velocity, collaborative engagement, advanced analytics, and unified communications are converging to deliver the promise of enterprise social success. Organizations that miss this paradigm shift from transactional systems to engagement systems will face dire consequences. Join Dux Raymond Sy in this interactive session as he shares how you can positively transform your organization and lead the enterprise social revolution by applying practical steps to drive culture change and effective techniques to promote organizational adoption with SharePoint 2013. 

Customer Showcase: Bringing business agility using Visio Services, Azure, Windows Phone and SharePoint Online to Deliver Australia

Learn how Deliver Australia Pty Ltd was able to meet customer needs and timeline in a managed, scalable and secure way. Small and medium sized businesses often have the same needs as larger enterprise customers, but budget and expertise is generally a challenge. In the logistics segment there is great demand for collaborative solutions with multiple partners, carriers and customers and an agile approach to solution implementation. B2B integration is also almost always part of the projects. Office 365, Windows Azure and process modeling and visualization using Visio have allowed Deliver Australia to effectively and quickly build a platform that meets immediate needs and is ready for future expansion and growth at a very reasonable cost. This session will demonstrate the most interesting aspects of a holistic business application with strong emphasis on collaboration, visualization, process driven solutions and business intelligence. We will also discuss the limitations we encountered using 2010 version and how the new Office wave addresses those issues, with some interesting uses of User Experiences utilizing Windows 8, Windows Phone 7.5 and multi touch interfaces. 

Deliver Adaptive and Personalized Experiences with SharePoint 2013

Join us to learn how to transform a one-site-fits-all web site into an experience that targets each end-user with personalized content. We will start with a search driven Product Catalog site and leverage the Usage Analytics, Recommendations and Segmentation features of SharePoint 2013 to create an adaptive customer experience. Through demos and code examples we will show you how to create and instrument custom usage events, how to deliver personalized recommendations and how to target user segments based on usage and user profile information 

Deep Dive on PowerPivot in Office and SharePoint

This session is a deep dive exploration into the Microsoft BI stack using Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012. We will be covering the platform architecture as well as technical details of the new PowerPivot engine across the Excel client, SharePoint server and SQL Server platform to give you a holistic view of the stack. The session will be full of fun demos that will showcase the new engine in various business scenarios. 

Deep Dive on Implementing Security for your BI Applications

Ever find yourself in a situation where your farm architecture couldn’t meet your BI solution requirements because of identity delegation? SharePoint 2013, Windows 2012 and SQL 2012 may be the solution you are looking for! In this session we will drill down into the new authentication features and changes made in SharePoint 2013, Windows 2012 and SQL Server 2012. We’ll explore how the changes and new features effect your current environments and we’ll learn about a few new features which will help you in your more complex BI scenarios 

Deep Dive on Information Rights Management and SharePoint

The latest Office 365 SharePoint Online release is the first one to introduce IRM services as part of the cloud based offering. RMS Online is an online document protection service that one gets when signing up to the relevant Office 365 SKU. In this session you will learn how to use IRM services in SharePoint on premises and SharePoint online, how these features complement the IRM services that Office Clients and Exchange provide, how RMS Online works and how the services are built to scale and serve a massive audience. 

Building Apps for SharePoint with Access 2013: A deeper dive

Learn how Access Services works with SharePoint and SQL to deliver data-driven cloud apps, utilizing HTML, T-SQL, and JavaScript. Understand the programming model your organization will use to create this new breed of custom apps. 

Deep Dive on Managing Enterprise Content Types At Scale

Enterprise Content Types are one the most important components to a successful ECM implementation. In this session, we will do a deep dive into how to create content types programmatically, how to optimize usage of the content type hub, and strategies for effectively managing content types at large scale. 

Deep Dive on making Your Search Social with SharePoint

​Combine the data in your SharePoint 2013 social feed with the power of search to build applications that adapt to user intent in real-time. This session will showcase the new social capabilities of SharePoint 2013 as well as the new search platform 

Deep Dive on Integrating SharePoint Metadata with other Metadata Stores

The Managed Metadata Service is the central store for corporate taxonomies, catalog product hierarchies, and site navigation in SharePoint 2013. Do you need to import and export content from the term store, or keep multiple taxonomy environments in sync? In this session, we will review the taxonomy architecture and available options for synchronizing data, and then explore code samples that solve these problems, including a discussion of the new Taxonomy Client Object Model. 

Deep Dive on building apps like a SharePoint ECM dev

ECM extensibility in a cloud world: Yes, you can! Join an ECM product team developer in this dev-oriented session where we’ll build an app using some of the available extensibility points in SharePoint 2013 like remote event receivers and app parts and show how to leverage them in ECM scenarios. 

Data Modeling and Reporting for the Business User with Excel and SharePoint

PowerPivot, first released with SQL Server 2008 R2, is how now a native add-in for Excel 2013 that empowers business users to create their own tabular data models. In this session, you will learn about how the new add-in has been enhanced to include numerous new modeling features. Available also in SQL Server 2012, Power View is an interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience that provides intuitive reporting for business users. It delivers this experience directly in the new Excel 2013 client as well as in the web browser by using SharePoint, and must be based on a tabular BI Semantic Model (either a published PowerPivot workbook or a tabular database). Ordinarily, the tabular BI Semantic Model will need to be prepared and optimized for the Power View experience, and the theory on how to achieve this will be introduced and demonstrated in this session. 

Customizing the way SharePoint 2013 looks

In SharePoint 2013, it’s easier than ever for end-users to make a site feel like it’s their own. But how can developers and IT Pros get involved? Find out in this deep dive into the new & improved SharePoint theming platform where you’ll learn how to integrate with product stylesheets, build your own themes, and make your own themable master pages. 

Customizing Sites and Pages in SharePoint 2013

This session will cover an overview of how to customize SharePoint 2013 sites and pages — similar to the activities you would have used SharePoint Designer for with the 2010 platform. These non-workflow or branding activities include conditional formatting, customizing views, etc… If you are a SharePoint 2010 power-user that utilized SharePoint designer for page customization, this session will show you what options are available with 2013. If you are a developer or designer, this session will show you what out of box and client-side customizations are available with 2013. 

Customizing Search Experiences in SharePoint 2013

Learn how to create beautiful search experiences not only in your search centers but also in your portals using the new Content Search Web Part. We will show how Display Templates that use HTML and JavaScript make creating great custom experiences easy. We will also talk about the innovative new search capabilities like Result Types in SharePoint 2013 which allows search to not just understand the query, but adapt the experience to help users find what they are looking for quickly, get answers and take action. 

Windows Azure Basics for SharePoint Developers

If you are a Developer using SharePoint today, you may be evaluating Public Cloud services and how to take advantage of Cloud to build new apps or extend existing ones. Windows Azure is an open cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. Join us in this Session learn how you can use SharePoint and Windows Azure together — we’ll provide guidance and practical recommendations in support of optimizing your development experience. 

Customer Showcase: Kroger Launches Business Social Networking with Yammer and SharePoint 2010

In 1883, Barney Kroger invested his life savings of $372 to open a grocery store at 66 Pearl Street in downtown Cincinnati. The son of a merchant, he ran his business with a simple motto: “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not want yourself.” It was a credo that would serve The Kroger Co. well over the next 120+ years as the supermarket business evolved into a variety of formats aimed at satisfying the ever-changing needs of shoppers. Today, Kroger ranks as one of the nation’s largest retailers with nearly 2,500 stores in 31 states under two dozen banners and annual sales of more than $70 billion. Due to Kroger’s tremendous growth and size, helping its 340,000 associates stay connected and share knowledge is critical. While technology plays a strategic role, creating an environment where Kroger associates can innovate, contribute insights, collaborate, and be inspired is key. Our session shares Kroger’s journey to support these goals and launch a pilot for business social networking using Yammer and SharePoint. We will discuss the business vision, use cases, and technical implementation. 

Customer Showcase: How United Airlines uses taxonomy to drive procurement

As a part of the corporate integration process, United, now the world’s largest airline, needed a new system to manage the many technology requests for its 80,000 employees. United chose SharePoint 2013 for its new Term-Store-driven catalog capabilities in the design of this system. This highly flexible interface is easily customizable, and can be managed by internal resources, resulting in significant cost savings over paying third-party consultants to update the existing database of catalog items directly. Also see how United is leveraging the new user-favorite 2013 wiki features and is socializing these new products and services with SharePoint personal sites. 

Customer Showcase: How NASDAQ makes corporate governance easy with SharePoint

Setting up board materials for review can be very time consuming. This is an integral part of any publically traded business. Learn how NASDAQ will be providing an easy to use solution for 850+ companies, 25K customers based on SharePoint platform. Learn about how the solution will make corporate board reviews a much easier process. NASDAQ will make this app available in the Microsoft store for free for customers to use (both on premise and Azure). 

Customer Showcase: How Fresenius Medical Care migrated Dashboards to 2013

This session will demonstrate how a very big PerformancePoint Services Dashboard is migrated from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. Our Dashboard consumes data from SAP BW which is imported Cube (BW) to Cube (SSAS) using a third party interface (i.Net BI from Neudesic). Furthermore data is rearranged and enriched using a custom SSIS process and then visualized using Scorecards, KPIs, Indicators and SSRS reports. The session demonstrates all necessary steps to apply a full migration of the whole Dashboard including all components from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. This includes the proper setup of the PerformancePoint, SecureStore and SSRS Service Applications, the SiteCollection as well as the demonstration of possible hazards using multi authentication and the BI tools of SharePoint.. 

Customer Showcase: How eBay built one integrated social network on SharePoint

The rise of different enterprise social networks has made it difficult for companies to make a good decisive choice. Before you know it, your employees have joined these networks, some of which actually free! The key is to ensure you have one integrated social network without losing important information, the winning formula is to integrate and aggregate. In this session, you will learn how eBay managed to create one integrated social tool that connects to all! With a clear mission to Increase employee productivity, Foster employee engagement across the networks, Cultivate better employee connection and collaboration via very simple means of social and Remove information silos and boundaries and introduce a unified social network._x000D_ _x000D_ Other Visions_x000D_ *How search exposes social conversations at eBay_x000D_ *Strategy vs. Culture which one will drive your social and collaboration strategy?_x000D_ *Myth or Mystery: Does social really increase productivity?_x000D_ *Which social tool? Does it really matter?_x000D_ *OK, I get it, social is important, but how do I go about it? What are the waves of social_x000D_ *Is it really hard to measure success in social collaboration? We believe not. We will show simple and effective techniques to help you have a better ROI._x000D_ *How content, document and knowledge management are directly correlated to social media._x000D_ *Conversations or documents? Is search part of social or is there a new phenomenon as social search?_x000D_ *How did eBay gain executive sponsorship and user adoption_x000D_ *What was their phased approach and how did they apply their test and learn methodology_x000D_ *What were their overall achievements from their ESN deployment_x000D_ *What is on their ESN two-year roadmap 

Customer Showcase: How Booz Allen is using Social capabilities of SharePoint and Yammer

Booz Allen began utilizing the SharePoint Products and Technologies as their core collaboration platform with the SharePoint 2003 version. Over the years, through the migration and integration of other products with the SharePoint 2007 platform, the Firm has seen the benefit of social collaboration to disseminate information and facilitate a wider body of knowledge to develop solutions for clients. The firm decided not to move to the SharePoint 2010 platform due to market drivers, but with the investments in the SharePoint 2013 platform, the decision has been made to leverage the enhanced social capabilities and communities to consolidate onto a single platform that integrates into the social cultural fabric as a primary system in the Booz Allen ecosystem. Come hear about Booz Allen’s transition and lessons learned moving from a conglomeration of social tools to SharePoint 2013. 

Customer Showcase: Upgrading Revlon to SharePoint and Project Server 2013

Present how SharePoint grew at Revlon from 2003 to 2013. The timeline starts at 2003 with deployment of Project Server 2003 up until current time, with a planned upgrade to SharePoint 2013 and Project Server 2013. We will show how the product grew, sometimes by decree and sometimes organically. We will show how we’ve built up enthusiasm, sponsorship and momentum behind Microsoft Office stack to turn around the image of the IT organization. Additionally, we’ll show how we support, upgrade and maintain the products, deal with 3rd party solutions as well as any custom development while decommissioning legacy applications. We will also highlight where we’re planning on taking the implementation with Office 2013, and how we integrate it with other applications. 

Customer Showcase: Telenor and Search with SharePoint

This session will summarize the RDP experience with Telenor. Telenor is an international telecom provider in Europe and Asia with 40k users over two geo-distributed datacenters and several million items in the search corpus. They have been using SharePoint technology since SharePoint 2007 as an enabler for more collaboration and better knowledge sharing across their complex business structure. The session will be presented by the Telenor and MCS team that has worked on the RDP project that has focused on moving the customer from a highly customized SharePoint 2007 solution to an out-of-the-box implementation of SharePoint 2013._x000D_ _x000D_ Some of the key areas of the project has been_x000D_ • Reviewing and maturing the organization to move from highly customized solutions to a more out of the box, cloud ready solutions._x000D_ • Rapidly applying new cloud technologies to the project (like Azure IaaS preview)._x000D_ • Using enterprise search as a vehicle to bring content and knowledge together from Collaboration, MySites, Team sites and knowledge across SharePoint 2007 and 2013._x000D_ • Using search to cleanout non-relevant data to prepare for migration from 2007 to 2013_x000D_ • Using search to manage compliance of regulatory and security requirements_x000D_ 

Custom Security Trimming for Search in SharePoint 2013

Learn about security trimming in SharePoint 2013 Search and how Claims-based Authentication is securing your content. In this session we will describe and demonstrate how security trimming works end to end from Content Processing to Search front end. We will also demonstrate how custom security trimmers can be used. 

CRM BI and Workflow tracking with Microsoft Visio

A demo led discussion: This session will show you how one could get more value out of their Dynamics and SharePoint investments with Visio / Visio services. Visio services can help you uncover and visualize key insights from your Dynamics data in a seamless fashion. 

Creating Your Brand in SharePoint 2013 On-Premises or In the Cloud

The process of building, branding and delivering a well-designed web site is more than just skin deep. In this session we will walk you through best practices for planning, creating and deploying engaging web sites with SharePoint 2013 for both on-premises installations as well as SharePoint Online. We will also share best practices around the branding process with lessons learned from real world SharePoint branding projects. Whether you are an administrator, developer, manager, or someone else who just wants to make your SharePoint site look better – this session will leave you with the resources to get your branding project off to a good start and the guidance to make it all the way to completion! 

Creating apps for Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Apps for Office are a brand new way for developers to extend Office and Office Web Apps. In this introduction talk, we’ll cover how to develop apps that can be used in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project. We will also discuss the differences between task pane and content apps and how they can be used within the various Office clients. 

Creating Custom Workflow Activities and Actions for SharePoint 2013

A workflow activity is a building block of a workflow and a basic unit of workflow execution, which bases on various level of platform libraries. Workflow actions are wrapper objects that encapsulate these underlying activities and present them in a user-friendly form in SharePoint Designer. This session will go over how a developer can create a custom activity along with a custom action, within Visual Studio, and then have that new action show up in both SharePoint Designer’s Text-Based Designer and Visual Designer. We will dive deep into creating a new custom declarative activity that calls into a custom web service, and then wrapping that activity up into an action. 

Crawl and Index all Enterprise Content with SharePoint 2013 Search

Search enables you to discover and index content from many types of repositories including SharePoint, File Shares, Exchange Public Folders, Lotus Notes and Documentum. It’s easy to build solutions for virtually all types of repositories – index and search all of your corpus in one place. In this session we will see how simple it is to start crawling with SharePoint Search, and walk through the administration features that make managing search a breeze. We’ll also cover extending Search to crawl any content using out of box connectors or custom solutions built on top of the Business Connectivity Services (BCS)-based SharePoint Search Connector Framework 

Configuring and Managing Access Services in SharePoint 2013

Access enables end-users in business units to develop applications quickly at low cost. This agility is valued by large organizations around the world. However, some of these same organizations struggle with managing the myriad of Access databases in use. This session will cover how you set up, configure and manage this new service to get the best of both worlds: you can satisfy the need for agile development from your business units and still rest assured that the data is secured, backed up and managed appropriately. 

Compelling Data Visualization with Power View in Office and SharePoint

Learn how to create the next generation of compelling, beautiful, interactive data visualizations, reports and presentations with Power View. Along the way, we’ll take a deep dive into the latest Power View features such as interactive maps, pie charts, KPIs and hierarchies. This is the session must see for all business intelligence enthusiasts. We will be demoing the new Power View for Excel and SharePoint 2013. 

KnowledgeLake: ECM on SharePoint 2013 — 13 Ways to Make it Rock!

We all know SharePoint 2013 is fully-loaded with improvements, but are you positioned to make the most of its ECM features? Join KnowledgeLake’s CTO, Chris Caplinger, and Engineering Lead, Hao Zhai, as they ensure you will walk away from this session with a solid understanding of how to best leverage Microsoft’s refreshed version of its rock star platform. Whether from your desktop, business application or even on the go, learn how to reduce the challenges and seize the opportunities SharePoint 2013 will bring to ECM! 

Client Side Rendering in SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 provides a new way of rendering content to the browser using client side rendering. This new way of rendering leverages web standard technologies like jQuery, JSON and REST to render data in a clearer and simpler way than before. In this session, you will learn these techniques for creating different types of views of data in SharePoint 2013. 

Claims Based Authentication – Migrating to the new SharePoint 2013 Identity Model

Claims Based Authentication is the default identity model in SharePoint Server 2013 and claims migration becomes a critical architectural decision.  In this session you will learn about planning guidelines, best practices, and common scenarios and considerations when migrating from Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010 to SharePoint Server 2013.   

Choosing the Right Project Management Solution for Today and the Future

When it comes to project management, every individual, team, and organization has unique needs. Microsoft’s vision for project management is to enable individuals and teams to choose the tool that is the best fit for their specific project while still delivering the visibility that their organization needs to ensure focus on the right priorities. This session will help you understand how all the solutions across Office 365, SharePoint, and Project fit together so you can chart a realistic approach to project management for your organization that will deliver immediate value with an eye to the future. 

Windows Azure IaaS Deep Dive for SharePoint IT Professionals

This session is targeted to IT Professionals who are evaluating or using SharePoint for on-premises deployments today, and are looking to leverage Public Cloud based services for their hardware requirements. In this Session you will learn 1) Some of the deep dive technical details on how IaaS works on Windows Azure, 2) what scenarios make sense for deploying SharePoint on Windows Azure, 3) how to be deploy and administer SharePoint on Windows Azure IaaS. 

Building Cloud-hosted apps for SharePoint with PHP and node.JS

SharePoint 2013 introduces the cloud app model. This app model enables you to build either SharePoint-hosted or cloud-hosted apps. Within this session you’ll see how to build apps for SharePoint 2013 using node.JS, PHP, SQL Azure and Windows Azure with the brand new SharePoint 2013 cloud app model.

Building Autohosted Apps for SharePoint

This session will focus on developing applications for the SharePoint Marketplace that auto-provision in Azure. We will examine the full lifecycle for these apps, including use cases, tooling for developers, publishing to the marketplace, and Azure/licensing considerations. Through code and demonstrations, attendees will see a real world application progress from idea inception to marketplace deployment. 

Building apps that take advantage of the new UX platform components in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 introduces several new UX platform components that you can take advantage of in your applications and sites. Join two of the product group developers on a dev-oriented tour of some of these new components such as the Animations platform, Minimal Download Strategy (MDS), Callouts platform, Client Side Rendered List Views (CSR), and more. 

Build SharePoint 2013 composite solutions – all you need is a browser!

The possibilities are limitless when building SharePoint solutions using just the internet browser. The simple and intuitive interface makes it very easy to create robust applications. In this session, you will learn how to use the SharePoint 2013 framework of lists, libraries, pages, web parts and even apps to build powerful SharePoint solutions. 

Apps for SharePoint in 60 seconds with Access 2013

You can use Access 2013 to create SharePoint apps, backed by SQL Azure, in just about 60 seconds. By the end of this session you will feel empowered to use this self-service tool to develop custom software in a managed, low-cost environment. This session introduces Access Services 2013. Three additional sessions drill into more details. _x000D_ 

Bringing SharePoint to the Desktop: Building Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with SharePoint Server 2013

Windows 8 Metro Style Apps offer a rich user experience that is perfect for exposing data from SharePoint 2013. In this talk, we’ll make use of the new SharePoint 2013 REST API to retrieve data from SharePoint and visualize it in a custom Windows Store app. You’ll learn the intricacies and caveats of working with Windows Store apps and SharePoint. Attendees will learn how to build a full-screen SharePoint experience in a rich application. With periodic notifications, we’ll update live tiles with data from SharePoint. We’ll then leverage the search contract to query SharePoint directly from your app. If you’ve been interesting in building great looking Windows 8 applications with SharePoint, attend this talk to learn more. 

Customer Showcase: Better Brand Management through SharePoint 2010 Collaboration and Knowledge Management

The session will discuss and demonstrate Kraft Foods’s use of SharePoint 2010, specifically outlining: the business case for creating customized internal sites; how Brand teams have used SharePoint Portals to better manage their business; Increasing Brand Managers personal productivity by flattening the learning; How to increase user adoption and usability from a non-technical user base and Connecting Kraft through SharePoint to their Agencies, Retail Partners, Suppliers, etc. 

Project Online: Early Adoption Case Studies

Project Online is a new service on Office 365 and, following early adoption programs, a number of customers have deployed it in production. Through these early engagements—including many from internal Microsoft businesses—we have received valuable feedback how our new service helps customers manage their work. If you are considering Project Online, this session is well worth your time to learn how customers are leveraging the unique capabilities of Project Online and to gain valuable insights to help you plan your deployment. 

Best Practices for Records Management with SharePoint

In this session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of enterprise content management and records management as they apply to SharePoint 2013. Important topics include: what is enterprise content vs. collaborative content? What are records and how do you manage them effectively? You’ll learn the key SharePoint features that are available to support your ECM and records management initiatives, including record declaration, using tags effectively, managing document IDs, putting e-discovery to work, enforcing site policies, and using the content organizer. 

Best Practices for Designing Websites with SharePoint 2013

A deep dive on new features and capabilities that now allows designers greater flexibility for creating great looking web sites with SharePoint 2013. We will cover the new design manager, support for HTML editing tools, mobile channels, imaged and video renditions, SEO friendly site maps/URL’s and more. 

Best Practices for ECM in the Cloud, and how large organizations can get the most out of Office 365

You probably already have a few team sites deployed in Office 365 to help people connect and collaborate but what about the needs of your legal and records management teams? Have a work group that that needs a workflow process built out? From onboarding large Active Directories to implementing information governance in the cloud, come learn what every large enterprise needs to know to take full advantage of what Office 365 has to offer for all parts of their organization. 

Best Practices for using SharePoint, Mobile and Media to Connect Knowledge and Communities within your Organization

Do you want to create a learning organization where your training is employee generated and easily consumed? _x000D_Do you have an increasing number of Gen Y, worldwide or mobile users? _x000D_Do you want a video platform for your training programs that will drive collaboration, build community, and enable the sharing of ideas and knowledge; one that is highly accessible any time and from anywhere? _x000D_ Learn how the Microsoft Academy team has tackled these questions and is using SharePoint, phone and tablet applications to power online video sharing across the company. _x000D_ Learn business best practices and solution design tips and tricks that made it possible to share more than 30,000 videos consumed by 90,000 employees every year for the last 5 years. Discover what it takes to successfully implement your own SharePoint 2013 based ‘YouTube in the Enterprise’ . 

Deep Dive of the Social Architecture in SharePoint 2013

The Social architecture has gone through significant changes in SharePoint 2013. Come to this session to learn more about the dependency of Social features on MySite and the changes we’ve made when instantiating a user’s personal site. We’ll also cover how clients can discover a user’s personal site, user profile permission levels, and the new CSOM API support for personal site creation. 

Planning and Creating Well Designed Intranet Sites in SharePoint Online

Come see how SharePoint Online can be used to create intranet sites that are both usable and provide an engaging user experience. In this session you will learn how form and function are related when planning and creating your company intranet in the Cloud. 

Nintex: Workflow for Everyone in the SharePoint 2013 Era

Nintex is ready to deliver Workflow for Everyone to SharePoint 2013. This session will explain and demonstrate new developments in its flagship Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms products. You’ll see how we extend SharePoint in all of its incarnations, including new investments in mobile, social, and cloud functionality. By attending, you’ll get a clear picture of what we add to SharePoint 2013 and how you can benefit from it. 

Automating SharePoint Governance and Management

Are you tired of click-click-clicking through the user interface every time a user needs a new site? Are you concerned that administrators and users are not complying to your governance policies when they deploy new sites, lists, and libraries? Are you unsure whether security permissions are consistently and correctly applied? Do you want to empower the business with self-service capabilities, but you can’t trust them to do the right thing? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this session is for you. In this advanced governance and management session, SharePoint MVP and administrators’ idol Dan Holme unveils a framework for automating SharePoint administrative tasks to enforce your service and information management policies. You will take away a set of tools that you can apply and extend to create a secure, proxied model for SharePoint administration. The session assumes you have some understanding of Windows PowerShell, which is used to power the scripts Dan shares. But even if you aren’t a PowerShell expert, you will be able to take the tools Dan gives you and put them to work in your enterprise. 

Assessing Customer Environments: Preparing to Upgrade or Migrate to SharePoint 2010/SharePoint 2013

Upgrading or migrating a customer’s existing environment to a new SharePoint environment can be a complex task. A successful approach must address both the technical aspects and the sometime more elusive, organizational aspect and culture. Join us in this session where we describe a prescriptive approach that empowers you to better plan the move. Note that the session applies for any version of SharePoint. 

An overview of developing SharePoint-hosted apps

This session will show you how to build SharePoint-hosted apps. It will go over the benefits of this type of app, including using out-of-the-box UI controls and easy deployment. The speaker will build a sample app during the talk which will exercise features such as accessing SharePoint data using JavaScript, adding list views to pages, and social integration. 

Advanced Dashboard Creation using Excel, Excel Services, PerformancePoint and Apps for Office

Learn more about new and exciting ways to build dashboards in Excel, Excel Services, and PerformancePoint. We will examine some of the new features in each product and also look at how the new Apps for Office can allow you create rich dashboards in Excel and Excel Services, empowering your Excel and Excel Services Reports with interactive web applications. We will not stare at pretty, pre-built dashboards. Rather, we will look at how you can use Microsoft BI to build them easily on your own. 

Advanced Custom SharePoint Service Application Development

With over a dozen moving parts, creating custom SharePoint Service Applications (SAs) can be quite daunting. In SharePoint 2013, SAs continue to be the best approach to allocating intensive processing from the Web Front End (WFE) servers onto load balanced application servers or even enabling other Farms to offload their processes to a centralized/dedicated set of application servers._x000D_ _x000D_ Such a complex topic is best presented in segments…_x000D_ _x000D_ In the first segment at Tech Ed North America 2011, Todd explained the reason for SAs, SA terminology, and SA concepts (please watch the video at as pre-work for this session)._x000D_ _x000D_ In the second segment at SharePoint Conference 2011, Todd subsequently demonstrated the fundamentals of implementing a basic custom SA, so every developer could leverage their power and flexibility (please download the VS.NET project at _x000D_ In this final segment, Todd will demonstrate how to extend a custom SA to include: custom SA administration pages (New, Manage, and Properties) integrated in SharePoint Central Administration, a custom database, integrated backup and restore, custom SA Timer Jobs, custom SA PowerShell cmdlets, Service Proxy Group integration in the Farm Configuration Wizard and new Web Application page, as well as tapping the Custom Permissions and Administrators group._x000D_ _x000D_ Don’t miss this third and final segment to harnessing the power of a custom Service Application ( 

SharePoint 2013 Product Line Architecture and Strategy

Microsoft Services will present a new concept currently under development for SharePoint 2013 called Product Line Architectures that will be available to Partners and Customers in early 2013. This new approach will greatly reduce the on-premise deployment lifecycle, inherent complexities experienced in previous releases and ultimately align customers for future adoption of SharePoint Online. The session will focus on the concepts, scenarios and how to leverage the PLA in future engagements with Microsoft. 

A Real-World Help Desk app: end-to-end

This session will go over the nuts and bolts of a real world app scenario that we all know and love… Help desk support. During the session, we will look at the overall architecture the app as well as review the code of key components of the app itself. Finally, the session will describe the learnings found that every SharePoint developer will want to know. 

A Primer in HTML5 and Javascript

The Office and SharePoint new Cloud App Model that lights up HTML and JavaScript development. This session will be a primer into all that HTML5 and Javascript have to offer and the best practices for using them. You will learn about HTML5, JSON, jQuery and much more… 

From adoption to business value with SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 provides greatly expanded capabilities relative to previous versions of the product, creating significant opportunities for improved adoption of the platform and business value realization. To help CIOs and senior management better plan their SharePoint initiatives and ensure desired levels of adoption and business benefit, this session will present a number of recommended practices in the so-called “Business Whitespace of SharePoint”, including coverage of the following areas: “SharePoint Strategy” (based on an updated SharePoint Capability Model and business alignment process); “SharePoint Service Architecture”; “SharePoint Business Case and Business Value Measurement Planning”; “SharePoint Information Architecture, ECM and Governance Strategy”; and finally, “SharePoint Change Management, Training and Communications”. Both on-premises, cloud and hybrid variants are in scope for this session, and considerations related to SharePoint 2013/O365 will be addressed._x000D_ 

Driving business strategy with Enterprise Social

To answer the question “what’s your social strategy?”, there’s a systematic path to assess your business environment and identify high impact opportunities. Social psychology is telling us that “behavior can be viewed as a function of the person in the environment” (Kurt Lewin). As value creation is the outcome of desired behavior, a good social blueprint has to be focused on a persona based understanding of engagement models and a framework to facilitate the design of suitable social environments within different scopes (e.g. customer centric, B2E, …). The purpose of this session is to provide a structured overview of the success factors, lessons learned and available tools to use as a foundation for a 360 degree social business architecture. 

10 Tips for building Great Apps

In this session, we’ll cover some tools and techniques for building out apps for Office and SharePoint, including architecting for cross-domain scenarios, types of apps and much, much more. 

0 to 60 with Office and SharePoint 2013 apps using Napa and Visual Studio 2012

Office and SharePoint 2013 introduce a new app model that brings the best of web development to Office and SharePoint. This session will use a series of demos to walk through the developer getting started experience for apps for Office and SharePoint and will highlight our Napa and Visual Studio developer tools. Come learn how to build your first app for Office and your first app for SharePoint. 

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