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Classic SharePoint Blogs are Being Retired in SharePoint Online

Three weeks ago, news has broke that Delve Blogs are being retired, and since then, Microsoft has updated the messaging to also include the fact that Classic SharePoint Blogs are Being Retired in SharePoint Online! Let’s look at the details! On December 4th, Microsoft published Message Center MC197403 , which covers what we already knew...Read More
Disable Power Platform Self Purchase Option

Step by Step: How to Disable Power Platform Self Service Purchasing in Office 365

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On the 21st day of October 2019, Microsoft made public some very ambitious plans: Self-service purchasing for end-user for all Power Platform products (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate), enabled by default, and without the possibility for this to go trough an IT approval workflow, or even for IT to even disable the feature. As...Read More