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SharePoint 2013 Configuration Failed! SQL Does Not Have the Required MaxDegree of Parallelism Setting of 1

For those of you who are used to installing SharePoint 2010 according to best practices (SPFARM only has DBCreator and Security Admin) , when you run configuration wizard the first time, it might fail with  this error message : This is because SQL, by default has the MaxDegree of Parallelism Setting set at 0. With SharePoint 2010 there...Read More

Script to download SharePoint 2013 prerequisites

Since most of you will or will start trying SharePoint 2013 in a Virtual Environment. If your Virtual Machines have an internet connection, you can easily download all the pre-requisites using the SharePoint Prerequisite installer. However, if you are like me, you install your SharePoint in a private domain, therefore not having Internet. So, I made a little script that will let...Read More

SharePoint 2010 VS SharePoint 2013: Minimum Requirements

This post is about the Minimum Requirements for SharePoint 2013. I also contrast them with SharePoint 2010’s  Minimum Requirements.  This will also help you see if your current SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure is ready for an  upgrade to SharePoint 2013. Here they are: Hardware Requirements SharePoint Servers SharePoint 2013’s Minimum Requirements are the same as SharePoint...Read More

SharePoint 2013 Certifications & Training Material

The SharePoint 2013 Preview has been available for more than a month now, and recently Microsoft announced two certifications for it. For now, they are both for IT Professionals, and they should be published February 5th, 2013.Here they are:Exam 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013Exam 70-332:: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013Microsoft also released two...Read More

SharePoint 2013 Review Download

Microsoft announced their new SharePoint Server called SharePoint Server 2013. You can now download it at this link : I will post a step by step installation guide soon and a preview of what’s new. Additional information:Available as 64-bit ISOAvailable in these languages: English, Japanese, SpanishInstallation requires the following product key: 6RNT8-XV26M-GWH36-VMGQH-94MMH

Unable to load assembly group. The user assembly group provider threw an exception while trying to provide user assemblies for the specified assembly group.

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I recently used a PowerShell Script to Deploy a Custom .wsp solution in the Solution Gallery and activate it. However, when running the Install-SPUserSolution command I had this error: Install-SPUserSolution :  Unable to load assembly group. The user assembly group provider threw an exception while trying to provide user assemblies for the specified assembly group.S Inner Exception:...Read More

How to configure SharePoint Outgoing Email Settings Using PowerShell

Here is a little script that lets you configure SharePoint Outgoing Email Settings using Power Shell. #Vlad Catrinescu$SMTPServer = “”$EmailAddress = “svcfarm@vlad.loc”$ReplyToEmail = “svcfarm@vlad.loc”Try{ Write-Host -ForegroundColor White ” – Configuring Outgoing Email…” $loadasm = [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“Microsoft.SharePoint”) $SPGlobalAdmin = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPGlobalAdmin $SPGlobalAdmin.UpdateMailSettings($SMTPServer, $EmailAddress, $ReplyToEmail, 65001)}Catch{ Write-Host “Failed”} Say Thanks if it helped 🙂

SharePoint sends emails to users but doesn’t send emails to Distribution Groups

There are some rare SharePoint cases where your SharePoint can send alerts to Users but doesn’t want to send anything to Distribution Groups. If your SharePoint sends emails to users it means that your SharePoint outgoing email is well configured. The problem actually comes from Exchange. Go into Exchange Management Console>  Recipient Configuration > Distribution Groups. Right-click...Read More
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