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Save money on SharePoint Conferences this year


This year, I have the honor to speak at quite a few SharePoint Conferences around the globe. Most of the conferences, give speakers a unique discount code we can share with attendees so they save money on SharePoint conferences when they sign up. So here are the discount codes for the events that I will speak at this year!


SharePoint Fest Seattle August 18-20 http://www.sharepointfest.com/Seattle.

Save money on SharePoint Conferences


SPTechCon Boston August 24-27 http://www.sptechcon.com/

Save money on SharePoint ConferencesUse Code CATRINESCU to save 200$!


SPLive360 Orlando November 16-20 http://bit.ly/LSPK13Home

Save money on SharePoint Conferences

As a speaker, I can extend $600 savings on the 5-day package (1695$ Instead of 2295$… 100$ cheaper than the earliest early bid price!). All roads lead to Live! 360: the ultimate education destination! Bring the issues that keep you up at night and prepare to leave this event with the answers, guidance and training you need.  Register now: http://bit.ly/LSPK13_Reg

Use Code: LSPK13


I will post codes for other conferences as soon as I find out about them!

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