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September 2013

Organize, classify and restructure your SharePoint content using Vyapin SharePoint Information Organizer

Community Blast Provided and Sponsored by Vyapin. This information was provided by vendor for community education on product. No official review was performed by Vlad Catrinescu. Most SharePoint implementations have outgrown the original purpose for which they were designed – what was envisioned as a simple solution has now become a complex environment because of...Read More

SharePoint Conference 2012 Sessions are now posted online for free!

Hello SharePointers, Originally, Microsoft only gave the sessions videos and slides to attendees of SharePoint Conference 2012, and people who didn’t attend had to pay 199$ to get access to them. After Olaf Hubel from Microsoft recently announced on LinkedIn they will be posting SharePoint Conference 2012 Sessions, I am happy to tell you that...Read More