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December 2012

Step By Step Guide to configure the “Replicating directory changes” for SharePoint 2010 and 2013

This guide is a step by step guide with Screenshots to give the “Replicating Directory changes” rights to the SharePoint user profile account that will be used to synchronize the user profiles.The screenshots were taken in Windows Server 2012, however the steps are identical or  very similar in Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. The...Read More

Free SharePoint Server 2013 E-books,Models, Planning Worksheets, Design Samples and more Part 2

Last month I did an article about all the resources I found online about SharePoint 2013, but unfortunately not a lot of people check regularly and sometimes they are well hidden.  This post was a big success (1152 views) and I received a lot of good comments about it.  Therefore, I am happy to continue (as promised) to search and present you all...Read More

SharePoint 2013 MCSD Developer Certification Path is Out!

A few weeks ago, I did a post about the newly released path to MCSE SharePoint 2013 and I had many people ask me about the Developer Path.  At the moment, I didn’t knew anything, however during an 1-hour presentation on the Microsoft Certified SharePoint Master program, there was a Slide containing info on the Developer Certification Exam.  PS: At...Read More

SharePoint 2013 STSADM to PowerShell equivalent commands

Before SharePoint 2010, the only way to manage SharePoint at the command line was Stsadm  However, in SharePoint 2010 and later, Stsadm was depreciated and replaced by PowerShell. In SharePoint 2013 Preview, Stsadm still there and can be used, however Microsoft suggests to use PowerShell commands instead. Therefore if you are still using Stsadm, Microsoft released a list of...Read More