SharePoint Conference 2012 Working with User Profiles in SharePoint Server 2013 Slides


As you’ve seen lately, I tried bringing you guys the most info from SharePoint Conference 2012 for the ones who couldn’t attend.
I couldn’t attend either, however Patrick Guimonet who is a SharePoint MVP is there and is sharing content on his own Blog but in French. I asked him if I could share the content he has but in English so more people can have access to the information and he thought it’s a good idea.

Here are the slides from the Working with User Profiles in SharePoint Server 2013  Presentation.  If you want to read the post in French or want to visit  the original post, you can find it here [ #SPC12 ] SPC033 Working with User Profiles in SharePoint Server 2013


Major Improvements for Performance

25 New Properties for SharePoint 2013

The Most important slide of the presentation (the one to remember):

I am personally really happy with Yammer, new User Profiles and everything Microsoft brought into the social part of SharePoint 2013.  In 2010, User Profiles weren’t really used. I can’t wait to have a SharePoint 2013 project and see what the clients think about the new features in SharePoint 2013. 
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