SharePoint Conference 2012 : The keys to a sustainable SharePoint Strategy Slides + Discussion! #spc12


As you’ve seen lately, I tried bringing you guys the most info from SharePoint Conference 2012 for the ones who couldn’t attend.
I couldn’t attend either, however Patrick Guimonet who is a SharePoint MVP is there and is sharing content on his own Blog but in French. I asked him if I could share the content he has but in English so more people can have access to the information and he thought it’s a good idea.

Here are the slides from the Search Architecture in SharePoint 2013  Presentation.  If you want to read the post in French or want to visit  the original post, you can find it here : [ #SPC12 ] SPC101 The keys to a sustainable SharePoint strategy.

I won’t post the slides as images like before, because they are already uploaded as a PowerPoint file.
You can either download them with Pay with a Tweet (it would be really nice of you 🙂 )

However, I won’t make you do it if you dont want to. You can download it directly here.



  • Why is a Sustainable SharePoint Strategy important? (slide 6)
  • How do we build a Sustainable SharePoint Strategy?
  • They key points of a good sustainable Strategy!
Why Is this Important?
  • The Initial Deployment is easy, however it can get out of control

There are three keys to sustaining your Strategy with SharePoint
1. Achieve Shared Understanding of Objectives

 2. Remain Focused on Achieving Objectives

3. Plan for SharePoint Challenges & Risks
In a perfect word, you would have: 
  • A Business Strategy
  • A Technology Strategy
  • A Cost Strategy
  • Governance Strategy
  • An Infrastructure Strategy
  • A Backup/Restore Strategy
  • A Performance Strategy
  • A Support Strategy
  • A Development Strategy
  • An Integration Strategy
  • An Adoption Strategy
  • A Mobile Strategy
  • A Search Strategy
  • A Social Strategy
  • A Cloud Strategy

A Very Good Point:  Plan for the future!

I love the last Slide:  Be the person with a good SharePoint Strategy!!

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